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4 Best Delta-8 THC Products to Buy in 2022

With a drastic increase in Delta-8 sales and popularity in 2022, people are actively looking for the best Delta-8 THC products to buy this year. We’ve brought a list of the best products that you must buy in 2022 if you haven’t already.

Now you can enjoy a quick buzz with our pure, clean, and pretty strong delta-8 products! At My Insomnia Fix, whether you are living in Minnesota or any other state in the US, we offer you a variety to keep your taste buds busy – giving something unique and effective every single time for you to enjoy!

Here are our four best Delta-8 THC products you must buy in 2022:

1. Delta 8 THC Oil

Our Delta-8 THC oil tincture is probably everything you need for that much-needed happy buzz before you retire to bed. This wholesome bottle packs 1000mg of potent, pure Delta-8 Oil, and it is all you need to unwind from a stressful day.

It’s mildly psychoactive, but it’s a lot smoother than THC. That means you can have fun without getting into any trouble – sounds great, right?

We call it the best to start with because it gives you over 33mg/mL of Delta-8 in a single dropper! (included in the bottle)  It’s probably the best value for money, available at a discount rate of only $64.95. You won’t find a better-quality product with this much Delta 8 at this price.

P.S. We only offer pure pharmaceutical grade products, so start with half a drop at first and increase the dose gradually. It’s going to last much longer than the other products you’ll buy off with cheaper price tags.

2. Delta 8 Gummies

Our Delta-8 gummies would literally wash away your worries and relax every part of your body. Your brain cells would love you for munching on a couple of these yummy delights!

We have three words to define this product: enjoyable, fun, and simply amazing! It’s obviously a bit milder than our pure Delta-8 oil, but 25mg is quite a good dose to get you in the mood.

Whether you wish to spend a fun evening with your partner or just lay back to chill out and relax, these Delta-8 gummies won’t disappoint you. With a $42.75 discounted price tag, it’s good enough to last for a while.

Talking about prices, it will literally cut down your alcohol expenses and still have some amazing time without the booze (or a hangover). You’re doing yourself, your body, and your pockets a favor.  With our Delta 8 tinctures, you can catch a buzz, get rid of the migraine, and sleep like a rock star for about $1.50 a serving.

3. Delta-8 Capsules & Softgels

Variety is a spice of life – if you want to try something new, try out Delta-8 softgels. This Delta-8 product is delightfully tasty. It’s carefully designed to treat both your taste buds and your senses. Forget all about the pressure of days, and sleep peacefully like a baby with our Delta-8 softgels.

A single softgel packs 10mg of Delta-8 THC that’s perfect if you’re looking for a nice, relaxing evening that quickly gets you all cozy and comfy in bed. These softgels have 10mg of Delta 8 which is a lower dose and intended to give you a night of super restful sleep.  At a price of $36.95, it’s the best Delta-8 product in the market to grab this year.

4. Delta-8 Deep Sleep Blend

Our Delta-8 Sleep Blend is exclusively designed to help you get the deep sleep that you brain has been desperately longing to have. Ever feel restless even after sleeping long enough? That’s probably because you don’t get that deep sleep that refreshes your body and mind.

This Delta-8 Sleep Blend is here to reset your messed up neural connections and give you the deep sleep that your body is craving to get. The next time you’ll wake up, you’re most likely to feel like a different person, of course, in the most positive sense of the word.  This product contains a trifecta of CBD, CBN and Delta 8 in just the right proportions to give you an ultra restful night of sleep.

These products have been rated as the best Delta 8 products people buy in 2022. Willing to give it a try? There’s NO reason not to. We’re offering some exclusive discounts this month to celebrate our groundbreaking success with Delta-8 products! Would you like to join us in the celebration? Reach out to us today toll free at 612-268-0200 or place your order to get your favorite products delivered at your doorstep!

Delta 8 for Sale; Can Successfully Cope with Insomnia and Stress

Why is Delta 8 THC so amazing? Well, after a long, tiring day at work, all you can think for some unwinding and a quick shut-eye is to relax your mind and have some fun. In this pandemic situation, you probably struggle to find a nice place or a bar to hang out with your friends over a few drinks.

What if you could do all of it while relaxing at home with just a couple of delicious gummies by your side? Surprising, isn’t it? Well, that’s not so difficult if you have Delta-8 THC oil or gummies with you!

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