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THCP gummies are still quite unknown in the US. My Insomnia Fix is among the pioneers to bring THCP gummies in the US market. You can buy THCP blends and gummies at My Insomnia Fix at the best prices. There are many questions about legality of the THCP in particular, as THC is clearly classified as a drug. Is it the same with THCP? Well, no! THCP is completely legal, and people are even calling it the ‘legal Sativa’ now.

Why is THCP Legal?

THCP is not exactly like THC. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid present in the cannabis/hemp plant. However, the effects of THCP are quite different, and so is its molecular structure. THCP is mildly psychoactive, but it doesn’t make you as high as THC would, which makes THCP a perfectly legal cannabinoid in several states. In short, THCP is the perfect intermediary between CBD and THC when it comes to the benefits. It’s something that brings you the benefits of both and doesn’t make you as high as THC does. It’s a win-win!

What are THCP Gummies?

THCP gummies at My Insomnia Fix are made from the hemp plant and contains the purest form of THCP without containing additional compounds or contamination. Its pleasant taste, discreet appearance, and ease of use make it attractive to many CBD users around the world. THCP is taking the CBD market to a new high! It’s perfect for people who don’t want to get involved in the effects and legality related to THC and still want to get buzzed and enjoy something nice, harmless, fun and useful! It’s definitely not an alternative to your medication or a treatment for a serious medical condition, but it works wonders if you want to relax and just chill. It’s reported to reduce pain and the temperature of your intestines, and these is just the tip of the iceberg if we talk about the benefits it offers!

THCP is 33x More Active Than THC!

Scientists discovered that THCP is even stronger than THC! No, it doesn’t mean that it will give you a stronger hit. Instead, THCP is more potent in terms of the effects and benefits it offers. While the psychoactive effect may be milder, the good part of the cannabinoid certainly beats the former THC.

How to Take THCP Gummies?

Need you ask? You can take THCP gummies orally, either by adding them to a recipe or just taking it on the go. These THCP gummies at My Insomnia Fix are super fun to take, and it’s so discreet that you can have it even when you’re around people. Ingestion is arguably the most effective way to benefit from the effects of THCP gummies because it’s designed for this.

The effect of THCP Gummies

Unfortunately, there is hardly any research into the effects of THCP gummies. However, the potential benefits are similar to those of CBD. Other potential uses supported by patient reports include insomnia, muscle spasms, and pain. THCP puts you in a buzz, a trance-like state where your body feels relaxed and you can lay off the pressure of the day. Many people are taking THCP because it helps them keep a balance between their stressful routines and lifestyle.

Are THCP Gummies Legal?

THCP gummies won’t make you as high as THC does. It’s only mildly psychoactive, which is why THCP is NOT in the list of illegal substances. THCP gummies are completely safe and legal. However, we would still recommend you to check the local regulations and laws of your state just to be sure. You can openly purchase THCP gummies without any prescription.

THCP Gummies User Experiences

To get the best possible insight into the effects of THCP, we have read through and looked at our various THCP gummies experiences. Here is what our customers and users have to say about the product. The most interesting was a YouTube video review of a user who took THCP gummies to share his experience. So, according to him, you get a mild high that puts you in the mood, gets you relaxed and gives you a fun buzz. He recommends using it if you’re looking for some fun over the weekend instead of a drinking spree that makes you puke your guts out. Another user talked about how THCP gummies help him get by and manage his stressful work routine. The user reported that the little things and pressure that stressed him out, made him a paranoid, and disturbed his sleep were all things of the past. Now he has more control over his life and how he wants his brain to respond to stressful situations.

Where Can I Buy THCP Gummies?

Today is your lucky day, because My Insomnia Fix is a leading platform that offers high-quality THCP in your area. We are a way ahead of our competitors, and we don’t miss out on anything that’s becoming the next big hit. We believe in THCP is now it is going to affect the CBD market, and we have that on our shelves for you to order! We list the safest and highest quality THCP gummies and THCP products in our online store. As an alternative, we would also recommend our CBD gummies and Delta 8 products.


Like THC, THCP gummies are not intoxicating, but they can be mildly psychoactive. It’s best for people who want to get buzzed, relax, or just chill while availing all the other benefits it offers. THCP is completely legal and it’s a perfectly safe way to destress yourself from a hard day’s routine. Alternatively, you can buy CBD Products at the MyInsomniaFix store as they have no psychoactive properties.
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