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Specializing in products with Cannabidiol.


CBD oil has proven its potential for alleviating health conditions such as anxiety, epilepsy or insomnia. This natural product is also completely safe and has no dangerous side effects. Many patients already use it regularly and benefit from the extraordinary properties of this cannabinoid.

At the MyInsomniaFix CBD Store, you can buy the finest quality CBD Oils in many different forms from the best brands in the United States. Choose the concentration and type you prefer and discover the benefits of cannabis oil for your body. It is excellent for reducing anxiety, reduced joint pain (usually due to inflammation) and insomnia.

Offering the Best CBD Products in the Market

We also offer other CBD-based products, including tinctures, capsules and pills for CBD lovers. Anyone in your family, (including your pets!) can benefit from CBD products.  The medicinal properties of CBD are widespread and supported by many medical studies

All Cannabidiol products that we offer are from trusted vendors in the United States. Our products are not considered controlled substances, and thus are completely legal in the US.

Many of our CBD products have their corresponding Lab Results on the products page. This is a big part of the quality control we watch for from our manufacturers and you can check the lab work even on the batch of product that you have in your hand. We work with brands that guarantee purity and the CBD content.

We trust our suppliers and guarantee that all our products come from the most reliable CBD manufacturers and contain no toxic substances.

The products you buy from our online store are totally legal.



Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid with enormous therapeutic potential. It is obtained by natural methods from the cannabis plant (usually CO2 Extraction). CBD Oil is an indispensable antioxidant with calming and anti-inflammatory effects. At MyInsomniaFix, we offer a wide range of organic products rich in CBD.


The CBD has unique medicinal properties and acts by regulating many functions within our body, such as sleep, pain, digestion or reproduction. Pre-clinical studies indicate an enormous therapeutic potential of CBD oil to address problems and important diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s disease, depression, diabetes, epilepsy and other neurodegenerative disorders.

The MyInsomniaFix CBD Store offers a selection of the best Cannabidiol rich products from the most prestigious brands.

Visit our knowledge center section and find out what CBD is and what it can do for you and learn something along the way!

Why Choose

The website was created to offer our customers the best products derived from the Cannabis plant. We focus on the medicinal and therapeutic properties of CBD and other cannabidiols.  Our full spectrum products have other cannabidiols and terpenes as well for an added health boost.  We are a unique online store specialized in the sale and distribution of products with a high percentage of Cannabidiol (CBD) and Hemp derivatives.

History of CBD

The scientific studies done on CBD in recent years reveals some of the mysteries of this medicinal plant. It is a member of the Cannabaceae family found in all parts of the world. This plant has been used by civilizations and cultures since antiquity for its medicinal properties and its powerful therapeutic effect. Now science is able to isolate and even synthesize the most interesting cannabinoids and with the most therapeutic potential; it has legalized the medicinal use of the most important cannabinoid in the cannabis plant, the cannabidiol known as CBD.  CBD is actually quite chemically similar to THC, but has very different effects and is not psycho-active.


CBD or Cannabidiol is a wonder cannabinoid which has medicinal properties, lacks psychoactive effects and can be isolated naturally. Because of the powerful scientific evidence, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the US government) has approved the use of Cannabidiol as a medicine for some types of childhood epilepsy. Research is currently underway to scientifically demonstrate what CBD users around the world already know. The 2018 Farm Bill also legalized CBD growth and use. At MyInsomniaFix, our CBD products are COMPLETELY LEGAL.

The Mission

Our goal is for everyone who wants to discover the properties and benefits that Cannabidiol offers for our day-to-day life. We want to put a natural and ecological alternative to pharmaceutical drugs at your disposal and let you discover all the health benefits of our natural CBD products.

What are we doing? team has created an open access online platform where you can find the most comprehensive and updated information on the therapeutic potential of CBD. We actively collaborate with organizations, associations and experts of the sector, divulging and offering accessible and updated information on the latest scientific studies.

MyinsomniaFix Vision

Our main objective is to offer our clients the necessary knowledge to better understand the functioning of our body and understand how cannabinoids like CBD can help us.

Welcome to!

Thank you very much for visiting us! offers you the best CBD Oil products made from organic hemp.

We are driven, passionate and excited to bring you the best of nature.

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A Minnesota native, Mark was initially skeptical of CBD but after throwing caution to the wind and trying some right out of a tincture – he was greeted with a beautiful night’s sleep and waking up to no joint pain.  It’s rare for this guy to throw everything behind an idea but his own positive experience with CBD and being an entrepreneur at heart he found his calling to educate the world and introduce them to MyInsomniaFix!

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Jess always felt a strong urge for being an ambitious overachiever. In typical genius fashion, by the age of 25 she already had received her MBBS in medicine and she is an accomplished writer.  Jess loves research and is responsible for most of the CBD journalism on this site.  In the spirit of capitalism we cannot call the information on this site medical advice, but trust us this girl knows her stuff!

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