The MyInsomniaFix.com Story

MyInsomniaFix.com started as a joint project for a few people with a common problem: insomnia.  One is a web developer and the other a physician.

MyInsomniaFix was founded on the belief that quality CBD products should be available to anyone who wants or needs them.  Our founders came together with a common problem (insomnia) and found that CBD was the answer.  What was even better was we found that CBD is the answer to many other common ailments.  The list of benefits associated with CBD is enormous!  We have a passion for this industry and a drive to make CBD a household name.  We not only eat, live and breathe CBD but we also use it.

CBD oil is not a psychoactive substance as some people consider it. This means you won’t be “high” like you get after smoking cannabis or marijuana (also known as weed and other names). In fact, CBD oil contains only active ingredients, making hemp one of the most valuable medicinal plants on our planet.

CBD oil is excellent for treating or improving a patient’s condition in many diseases. It’s not because it is a ‘magic drug’, but because it contains active biochemicals.  CBD promotes restful sleep, reduces joint pain and inflammation, enhances relaxation and rest, and can relieve nausea among other things.

Mark Paschke

Former Imsomniac

A Minnesota native, Mark was initially skeptical of CBD but after throwing caution to the wind and trying some right out of a tincture – he was greeted with a beautiful night’s sleep and waking up to no joint pain.  It’s rare for this guy to throw everything behind an idea but his own positive experience with CBD and being an entrepreneur at heart he found his calling to educate the world and introduce them to MyInsomniaFix!

Jessica Rodriguez

Medical Expert

Hailing from Pakistan, Jess always felt a strong urge for being an ambitious overachiever. In typical genius fashion, by the age of 25 she already had received her MBBS in medicine and she is an accomplished writer.  Jess loves research and is responsible for most of the CBD journalism on this site.  In the spirit of capitalism we cannot call the information on this site medical advice, but trust us this girl knows her stuff!
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