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CBD and ExcerciseBecome part of the team now and advertise as a My Insomnia Fix affiliate for various CBD products from our online shop. Registration as an affiliate is of course completely free. Monetize your traffic and advertise CBD without additional costs and effort!

Convert your website or video traffic into cash now!

With the My Insomnia Fix affiliate system you can earn money with CBD. The 10% commission beats any Amazon Ref-link commission! This will be settled at the end of the month and your affiliate credit will be paid out.

In just a few clicks, you have access to individual forms of advertising such as special targeting text links or various banner formats. You can create a separate affiliate link for each product and achieve targeted conversions.

You always achieve conversions when a site visitor you refer completes a purchase. Of course, customers you have referred have been tracked to your affiliate account for a specified period of time and can earn further commissions.

Moreover, your earnings are unlimited! The more visitors you convey, the more commissions you can earn. There is no cap on your monthly payments from the affiliate program!

Are you interested and do you want to refer high-quality CBD at fair prices and great commissions? Register or write an email to for further questions.

All information at a glance

  • 10% commission per purchase
  • Monthly payments
  • Individual text links
  • Detailed selling guide
  • Personal affiliate support
  • Minimum $10 credit for payout
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