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How many ways can you use CBD Oil?

Getting into the CBD world can be confusing because there are so many different products! Today, the market offers numerous CBD products and the number is constantly increasing. Where should you start?

You have probably heard of CBD oils or tinctures, but are not even sure what they are or how they are obtained. In this article, we will introduce the different CBD products and explain what they are, how they are made and differ from each other.

So, if you are interested in CBD but are not sure which aspects to start with, we can help you now!

CBD oils and Tinctures

The term CBD oil refers to oil infused with cannabidiol (CBD), which was obtained from industrial hemp. This is the most popular method of using CBD. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are a variety of CBD oil products to choose from.

How to make CBD Oil

In order to produce CBD oil, cannabidiol is obtained from industrial hemp. This is usually done by CO2 extraction, as this is the safest and most effective method. If possible, you should always use CBD products made with this extraction method. Then combine the extracted CBD with an appropriate oil to make a CBD infused product.

How to use CBD Oil?

CBD oils are usually taken sublingually. This means putting a few drops under your tongue and letting the liquid stay there for about 90 seconds before swallowing it. The body absorbs the CBD relatively quickly through this method, which means that you can enjoy the health benefits of CBD fairly quickly. However, there are also people who simply add a few drops of CBD oil to their diet. This way, however, the oil will not get into your bloodstream as quickly.

Who is CBD oil suitable for?

Because it is so easy to use, the oil can really be used by everyone! Experienced CBD users and newbies can easily consume these oils, making them an extremely accessible product.


  • Sublingually, oils are amazingly easy to take, making them a simple addition.
  • It’s easy to know how much CBD you get with each drop, as you have to state this on the label. In addition, the dropper, which is sold together with the bottle, allows you to portion the product correctly.
  • The oils are very natural because they rarely contain other ingredients.
  • The body absorbs the CBD fairly quickly when taken sublingually.
  • This product is ideal for newcomers to CBD. Since there are so many CBD products on the market that offer different concentrations, you can work slowly until you find the best concentration.


  • CBD oil can sometimes be mistaken for hemp oil, and some products seem to combine the two, which can reduce the effects.
  • Some users don’t like the earthy and dominant taste of CBD oil.

CBD Capsules

How do you make CBD capsules?

Before you fill the liquid into a capsule, you make the CBD oil as always – i.e. by CO2 extraction. We cannot claim exactly how the production process is, since different manufacturers use different techniques. However, we can say that it is important to use a capsule that does not come off in the middle. This not only increases the risk of leakage – it also means that the quality is not the best and it is probably a below-average product.

FAQs question: How do you make CBD capsules?

CBD capsules, like any other tablet, are taken with a glass of water. Yes, it’s really that simple!

How do you use them?

CBD capsules, like any other tablet, are taken with a glass of water. Yes, it’s really that simple!

Why should you use CBD capsules?

It should be said again that everyone can use CBD capsules. They are extremely user-friendly. If you have already jumped on the CBD train and want to recommend this supplement to an older person, then the capsules could be the right way for this person. Because they are so similar to traditional medicines, CBD capsules are quite popular among the elderly who are used to this type of medication or supplement.


  • The capsules are very easy to use and can be easily integrated into everyday life.
  • The dosage is very safe and easy because the right amount is already contained in the capsule.
  • The fact that it contains CBD oil means that there are very few other ingredients.
  • If you don’t like the taste of CBD oil, you can switch to capsules to avoid the taste.


  • The capsules are not yet as readily available as oils, which means that you may have difficulty finding the same strengths from different manufacturers.
  • CBD takes longer to consume if you consume it like this.

CBD Vape Cartridges

Vape is becoming increasingly popular because it helps people quit smoking. When you smoke cigarettes, they burn toxic, carcinogenic chemicals that are very harmful to human health. However, since people still want their nicotine without the high risks of smoking, vaping became more and more popular. Did you know that you can now vape CBD too? Some CBD companies have started producing cartridges infused with CBD instead of nicotine cartridges, so you can now vaporize the active ingredient in the same way as an e-cigarette!

How do you make Vape Cartridges?

In essence, these CBD cartridges are very similar to CBD oils. However, they are not exactly the same, which is why you shouldn’t just add normal CBD oil to your vaper! However, the extraction method for extracting CBD from industrial hemp is the same as for the other uses. Only a few ingredients are slightly different. In addition, many often prefer vaping when other flavors are involved, so there are more additives in this method.

How do you use them?

CBD cartridges can be used with an e-cigarette or another type of vaporizer. There are also special models that have been specially developed for the use of CBD. CBD oil vaporizes at around 200 ° C, which makes it ideal for use in an e-cigarette.

The exact method of vaporizing depends on your device, but the basic process is always the same: turn on your vaporizer, put the CBD liquid in the vaporizer and breathe in everything! It’s easy, isn’t it?

Who are CBD Vape Cartridges suitable for?

While vaping isn’t too difficult, it’s probably not the preferred option for all consumers. People who are already vaping will certainly prefer this method to use their CBD because they already have the tools and know-how they need. Aside from the purchase, it’s not the easiest way to consume CBD. We recommend this technique to experienced vapers in particular, as it is likely to be more fun.


  • There are a variety of oils and devices that you can use to try out different strengths.
  • This method is much tastier than other types of CBD consumption.
  • The body absorbs CBD fairly quickly when inhaled.


  • E-cigarettes or vaporizers can be very expensive – so this method can require an investment!
  • Although it is fairly simple, this is not the preferred technique for everyone. For example, it just might not be your thing.
  • Although you can buy cartridges in different strengths, you cannot dose exactly how much CBD you take each time.

Modern CBD Lotions

Due to the booming CBD industry, companies enjoy great creativity. Now you can buy CBD infused lotions and balms that you can apply directly to your skin.

How do you make modern CBD lotions?

Again, you can make CBD with, for example, CO2 extraction from industrial hemp. Then you add it to the various beauty products, depending on the product and company. If you want to know exactly how your product was made, it is best to search the manufacturer’s FAQ page or contact the manufacturer straight away. Because there are so many different products on the market, it is impossible to give a general answer.

How do you use CBD Lotions?

The lotions are really practical because it is very easy to use these modern creams. All you have to do is put some lotion on your skin and the body absorbs the CBD through the layers of the skin until it reaches your bloodstream.

Who should use modern CBD lotions?

We address all beauty queens here! As CBD penetrates the health and beauty market, you can invest in some CBD infected products like lotions and balms to integrate directly into your daily skin care routine. If you want to get into the CBD area and are someone who has a whole shelf full of moisturizers and beauty products anyway, this could be the ideal method for you!


  • These creams are very easy to integrate into your everyday life – apply a little lotion to your skin every morning.
  • As this option becomes more popular, there are a number of products available today.


  • Dosage is not very easy because you cannot know how much CBD is in each drop of lotion.
  • The CBD is slowly absorbed and you may not get as much CBD as with other methods.

CBD Foods

Food is a very popular way of consuming CBD. Who can say “No” to delicious food that is also combined with CBD? You can now buy a wide range of CBD treats online. Of course, you can also make your own. This variety makes CBD foods a really great option.

How do you make CBD Foods?

This is a pretty tricky question. There are many different types of food. All of them are made in a slightly different way. So, it is better to check the company yourself. However, if you ‘re making CBD food at home, you’re likely using the CBD oil in your food. That means making it the same way, with just a few extra steps. There are many recipes on the Internet where you can read in detail how to prepare CBD infused food. If your curiosity is piqued, you can check it at any time.

How do you use them?

This is probably self-explanatory: you simply eat them! However, you have to be careful because sometimes they taste so good that you just can’t get enough! Here it is important to practice a little self-control.

Who should eat CBD foods?

This is a great option for everyone because who doesn’t love food? Since you can really use so many different foods with CBD, there is really something for everyone. As mentioned earlier, you can actually make your own CBD foods. If you are a budding or even seasoned cook, this could be a great option for you.


  • It’s a delicious and fun way to consume your CBD.
  • You can even make it yourself at home.
  • Some foods can be easily portioned to properly dose the CBD. For example, some companies that sell CBD gummy bears say how much CBD is in each bear.
  • There are many opportunities.


  • The groceries sold online can be very expensive.
  • Certain foods (like chocolate) are not as healthy and can contain many additives.
  • If you make your own food at home, e.g. brownies, it can be difficult to tell exactly how much CBD you get per serving.
  • The absorption of CBD in the body takes longer.

CBD products for Individual Needs

With so many CBD products, you will definitely find what you are looking for. If you’re a real foodie, groceries might be the best way to go. If you’re already vaping anyway, try CBD cartridges. Of course, there are some options that are suitable for everyone, such as CBD oils or CBD capsules.

We recommend that you start with low-dose CBD oils, even if you are new to the area. You can start with a small dose of cannabidiol and work your way up to higher doses later. Which strength you ultimately choose is entirely up to you!

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of which CBD products are available to you. Now you can make a safe and informed decision about which products are best suited to your lifestyle.

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