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You should know this before buying CBD Oil in Minnesota

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What is CBD Oil?

MyInsomniaFix CBD oil is a dietary supplement that comes from hemp. The cannabidiol (CBD) is an active cannabinoid in this oil. These cannabinoids in hemp are similar to endocannabinoids, which the human body produces itself and is involved in a large number of body processes. If there is a deficiency of these substances in the body, it results in health complaints. Here, CBD products can effectively contribute to an improvement, as they can compensate for the lack of endogenous cannabinoids.

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The hemp plant contains more than 100 different cannabinoids. In addition to CBD, which has no intoxicating effect, the most famous cannabinoid is THC, responsible for the intoxication in cannabis. CBD products are only legal and freely available in the US if they contain less than 0.3% THC. All products on our website meet this requirement. Therefore, you will experience no intoxication or high from taking our CBD products.

Selection of the best CBD oils in Minnesota

MyInsomniaFix offers the best CBD oils for you in the United States. We have a strong quality control team that ensures traceability, tests, and proper product extraction. Our superior quality full-spectrum products bring in the entourage effect, and you have a variety of concentrations to choose from. All our CBD products come from organic farming without pesticides and traces of heavy metals. Each product complies with the legal standards. We guarantee the quality of the entire range of CBD products available at MyInsomniaFix.

The effects of CBD on health

MyInsomniaFix offers you a compilation of the latest published studies concerning the use of CBD oil and the endocannabinoid system’s role in various pathologies. Find out how CBD and THC, according to research, can interact with the nervous system, immune responses, mood, and sleep cycles.

Disclaimer: We do not recommend or encourage the use of CBD for therapeutic purposes. Our knowledge center and News section only provide study reports on CBD, its effects, actions, mechanisms on the body, and its contraindications and precautions to be taken with cannabidiol.

My Insomnia Fix Vision

We live our lives only once – this fact alone makes it precious and unique. However, that also comes with great responsibility: everyone should keep their body as healthy and strong as possible. At MyInsomniaFix, we accept this challenge every day with enthusiasm. We believe in natural substances, and CBD oil ultimately inspired us to found MyInsomniaFix.

We aim to inform you about the potential of hemp drops and their effects and carefully selected products. CBD oil can support you with everyday problems and increase your well-being. It helps you get the most out of your time.

MyInsomniaFix CBD Oil Shop

The idea behind our CBD shop is quite simple. For a long time, we have been dealing with CBD products’ topics, the effects of CBD oil, and their wide-ranging areas of application. In 2018, we finally decided to open our own CBD online shop after a long period of reflection.

From the beginning, we aimed to build an open, transparent, and above all, honest relationship with our customers. We want to live up to this claim by providing very personal customer support and a large number of informative posts and blog articles for everyone. We always make sure that our CBD shop’s content is up to date and relevant to the topic.

The most common questions / FAQs

Is CBD oil legal in the US in 2023?

In the US, CBD does not require a prescription, and it is completely legal as long as the statutory limit of 0.3% THC is not exceeded.

Which CBD oil is the best?

The CBD oils are all similar in effect, as long as they are produced according to the usual quality standards. Our advantage is that we have one of the best hemp-derived CBD oils in the United States in terms of quality and price.

When does the effect of CBD oil occur?

The effect occurs differently in each person. The effect usually begins after 15 – 60 minutes and lasts between 4 and 6 hours.

What is the difference between cannabis oil and CBD oil?

Cannabis oil, hash oil, THC oil, or Rick Simpson Oil is an extract that contains a high proportion of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Since it contains the psychoactive substance THC, it falls under the FDA regulations. Our CBD oil, on the other hand, comply with the legally prescribed limit of THC and is therefore completely legal in the US!

Natural CBD drops for your well-being!

Hemp has many different components – a total of 489 have been identified so far. In addition to terpenes, flavonoids, and other plant substances, more than 100 Phyto-cannabinoids have so far been identified by science. The best known of them is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Cannabidiol is mainly found in high quantities in industrial hemp (the Cannabis sativa variety). CBD is a lipophilic molecule, which makes it well distributed in the body and central nervous system. It has numerous interactions with the human organism and is therefore used in many preparations. The World Health Organization (WHO) certifies that CBD has a good safety profile and sees no evidence of abuse or addiction potential – because CBD has no psychoactive effects. CBD oil is one of the most common forms of cannabinoid on the market. It is a mixture of pure cannabidiol and carrier oil. Pure CBD exists as crystals but is fat-soluble, so it is often associated with oils.

In most cases, hemp oil is used as a carrier oil, but other edible oils such as linseed oil, nut oils, or sunflower oil can also be used. The exact composition of the CBD oils on offer also differs from product to product – some are considered full-spectrum oils, others as isolates. The concentration of cannabidiol in the oil can also vary.

This is how CBD oil works

Research into the plant cannabinoids in the hemp plant has led science to discover the human endocannabinoid system (ECS). It is also where cannabidiol acts, which can influence the human body’s functions by activating various receptors. CBD is active on the following receptors:

       CB 1

       CB 2



Buy CBD Oils in Minnesota

Once you have decided to take and thus buy CBD oils, you are often faced with the problem of which CBD oils keep what they promise and how you recognize good quality? When buying hemp products, you should pay attention to a few points to benefit from the ingredients and substances.

What does carrier oil mean?

There are five different carrier oils that you can find buying cannabidiol.

Hemp seed oil: It is a cold-pressed edible oil made from the hemp seeds of industrial hemp, which contains polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Olive oil: Contains many monounsaturated fats and antioxidants. It has a shelf life of 24 months.

Sunflower oil: It is inexpensive and has a neutral taste.

Black cumin oil: It is a natural remedy for many allergies. It tastes slightly peppery with a hint of cumin.

MCT oil: It is extracted from coconut oil. It is tasteless and easily digestible.

Why pay attention to CBD bottle size?

CBD drops are available in different bottle sizes – mostly 10 ml or 30 ml. The larger the bottle, the more cannabidiol you get. It has both advantages and disadvantages. The 10 ml bottles are usually cheaper and more compact. However, the costs per milligram of CBD are significantly higher than for larger containers. 30 ml bottles last longer but are not as compact. Here the price per milligram of CBD is significantly lower than for smaller containers.

Difference between full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolates in CBD world

The full spectrum extract contains many cannabinoids from the cannabis plant, such as CBDa, CBG, or CBN, portions of terpenes, flavonoids, and minimal traces of THC. In a broad-spectrum extract, you can find the cannabinoids and the terpenes, but no THC. A slight entourage effect develops when ingested. The isolate contains 99.9% pure cannabidiol, and there is no entourage effect when consumed. If you want to benefit from the entourage effect, it is best to use a full-spectrum extract.

Full spectrum CBD and Isolated CBD

Different Concentrations

Beginners should use CBD products such as drops, capsules, or ointments with 5% or 10% concentration. Concentrations of 15% or even 20% are only suitable for more severe symptoms or more serious illnesses, but these also require a different dosage.

The raw material quality

As the hemp plant grows, it acts as a bio-accumulator and absorbs various substances from the air, soil, and water. It also includes heavy metals and pesticides, which is why you should always pay attention to organically grown hemp.

The extraction Process

The active ingredients of the CBD are obtained using various extraction processes. When buying, you should pay attention to the environmentally friendly CO2 extraction because it retains the important plant substances. Decarboxylation is often used to get the oils from the hemp plant. It is a process in which heat is used to dissolve the ingredients.

How does CBD Oil work?

Studies have proven that CBD drops and other CBD preparations act on the endocannabinoid system, positively influenced by the cannabinoids. One should not confuse CBD with THC, as the latter causes an intoxicating and psychoactive effect when it attaches to the body’s receptors. Here it is important to pay attention to the legal limit of 0.3%. CBD drops work very well when they are put under the tongue or on the mucous membranes. Especially with sleep disorders, the CBD products can develop their full effect free of side effects and interactions and ensure well-being. Liposomal CBD oil is often used here.

According to various studies, CBD drops help very well with various diseases, such as sleep problems.

When buying CBD drops, you should always take a look at the purchase advice.

If you want to benefit from the entourage effect, you should always use a full spectrum extract.

Many studies show that CBD drops can be used helpful for many ailments and diseases. CBD drops are easy to dose by dripping them under the tongue or on the mucous membranes. CBD drops and dietary supplements with CBD act on the body’s endocannabinoid system and dock onto the various receptors.

The effects of CBD

The effect of CBD oil and its duration depends on various factors. On the one hand, each person reacts individually: metabolism and body weight are reasons for this. But the form of ingestion, the product form, and the concentration of CBD in the oil are also decisive here.

It is generally said that CBD oil’s effects in food or pure form begin around 40 to 60 minutes after ingestion. If taken sublingually (i.e., under the tongue), this can happen more quickly. The effect lasts for several hours – sometimes up to eight hours.

CBD doesn’t get you high! CBD Vs. THC!

When you hear hemp or cannabis oil, you often first think of joints, drug consumption, and the likes of it. But we must not confuse CBD oil with these. A completely different plant component is responsible for the intoxication with hemp, which we call Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC for short)!

THC is also a Phyto-cannabinoid, but it has a psychoactive effect. It is already used in various areas, also in connection with medicine. But unlike CBD, it falls under the FDA regulations and requires a prescription.

CBD oils have an upper limit on the permitted amount of THC. This legal limit is so low that no psychotic effect is to be expected. CBD oil doesn’t get you high!

Decision-making Guide: Choosing the right oil for everyone

As already described, there are different CBD drops on the market. The buyer has a wide selection here and can find the most suitable product for himself. In general, the CBD oils differ in three important criteria:

       Composition of the CBD oil

       Carrier oil used

       The concentration of the CBD

Full Spectrum Versus Isolate: The Benefit of the Entourage Effect

We speak of isolates when CBD oils only contain the cannabidiol and the carrier oil. Full-spectrum oils are products that combine other cannabinoids. The following table shows which other components are possible:


Short Form

Possible effect



Calming, supports the effects of CBD



Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory



Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, slightly analgesic



Effect on TRP channels

Cannabidiol acid

(Precursor of CBD)


Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipsychotic

Cannabigerolic acid

(Preliminary stage of CBG)


Support of other cannabinoids, effect on metabolism













Support of other cannabinoids, the effect on metabolism

The great advantage of using full-spectrum oils with other cannabinoids and terpenes is called the entourage effect. Plant mixtures with several components have higher biological activity because the different cannabinoids and also the terpenes support each other – a synergy effect occurs. It allows CBD oils to have an optimal effect.

Hemp, olives, or grapes? The right carrier oils!

Most CBD oils combine hemp oil as a carrier because that also has advantages: Hemp oil has valuable essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6) and can cover the necessary daily requirement. It also contains proteins, minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Hemp seed oil (not to be confused with hemp oil from the hemp flowers) is also widely used, obtained from the hemp seeds.

But other carrier oils are also possible and available for selection. Olive oil and black seed oil also offer secondary benefits like hemp oil – black seed oil does not disrupt the delicate balance of terpenes and cannabinoids in full-spectrum formulations. Coconut oil is also known for its antifungal properties and antibacterial properties. Olive oil brings numerous vitamins and nutrients with it, but it offers less space for the CBD. Grapeseed oil is also beneficial as an antioxidant as a carrier oil. What counts here is personal preference as to which carrier oil is the right one!

CBD concentration

The concentration of cannabidiol in the drops is also an important decision criterion. There are CBD oils with the following concentrations:

·        2.5 percent

·        5 percent

·        10 percent

·        15 percent

The higher the concentration, the stronger the effect. But be careful: If you haven’t had any experience with CBD oil, you should start with a low concentration. It is important to approach the optimal dosage to avoid an overdose, bringing unpleasant disadvantages and side effects.

Ingestion and application – different options to choose from

If you want to use CBD oil’s positive effects, you have different options for using the drops – internally and externally. The most common method is to put the drops under the tongue. In this way, the CBD reaches the bloodstream, particularly quickly via the oral mucosa. But simple ingestion (on a spoon or in drinks and food) is also popular. It means that the CBD oil is absorbed through the digestive tract, but this takes a long time to take effect.

External use is also possible. It can be applied directly to the skin or mixed with other products (oils, creams, and ointments). So, everyone can make their own CBD cosmetics.

Smoking CBD oil in vaporizers and e-cigarettes is also possible. However, vaporizing also creates harmful substances, which is why many manufacturers advise against this application.

There are other dosage forms than just CBD oil. For example, users can also use capsules, creams, or chewing gum.

Science and Legality

Is CBD Oil Safe?

You might be concerned about the safety of CBD oil products before buying. In general, cannabidiol is certified as being well tolerated. In a comprehensive study, the World Health Organization also found that CBD “has no effects that indicate abuse or potential for dependence.” However, excessive doses and the wrong use may cause some side effects. These include dry mouth, diarrhea, fatigue, and changes in appetite. It is, therefore, important that beginners slowly approach the optimal dosage.

Is CBD Legal?

In contrast to THC, CBD does not fall under the prescription drugs category. Cannabidiol does not require a prescription. The molecular chains are arranged differently in both compounds (THC and CBD). CBDa, on the other hand, differs from CBD with an additional attached molecular chain of oxygen and hydrogen. However, there is a limit value for CBD extracts that affects the cannabinoid THC: CBD oils are only legal if made from crops that do not exceed the limit of 0.3% THC. It applies to all certified varieties of cannabis plants in the US.

CBD oils are listed as dietary supplements and, therefore, as food – they are not medicinal products. There was confusion on the part of the legislation for some time, but CBD was legalized after the 2018 Farm Bill in the US.

Is the effectiveness of CBD scientifically proven?

Research on the cannabis plant and cannabidiol is still in its infancy in many areas. Nevertheless, CBD is one of the best-researched components of the hemp plant to date.

Different studies prove, for example, the effectiveness of the active ingredient in sleep disorders.  Researchers worldwide are also investigating the effectiveness of various diseases – for example, a drug based on CBD has already been approved for epilepsy.

Scientists from Israel are leading the way in CBD research. On the one hand, the country is home to Raphael Mechoulam, one of the endocannabinoid system’s discoverers. On the other hand, the “Jerusalem’s Center for Research on Pain” was the first institute to isolate the cannabinoids THC and CBD. The Israeli government also funds a large number of clinical studies (more than 110 studies in 2017 alone). There are currently even investigations into the possible effects of cannabis on Covid-19 – the coronavirus.

Purchase advice: What do you consider when choosing

You can legally buy CBD oil from various sources as a dietary supplement without a prescription in the US. The products can be found in drugstores as well as in many online shops. Nevertheless, a few criteria should be considered when buying. It is important to look at the information provided by the provider before making a selection.

Which extraction process is used to obtain CBD?

Hemp extract is widely obtained through CO₂ extraction because carbon dioxide is a natural product that allows complete control over the ingredients and the CBD’s purity during the extraction.

Are there independent tests for the products and strict quality controls?

You can recognize quality oils by the fact that they have a test certificate or analysis certificate. In this analysis, the oil is checked for all environmental toxins, heavy metals, or pesticides. Above all, the necessary low THC content or the THC-free must be certified by independent testing bodies that deem the product safe and legal. The hemp plant’s cultivation also plays a major role in a good product – which should be free of pesticides, heavy metals, and other pollutants. Serious providers and online shops offer test certificates, analysis pages, and transparency about their products and ingredients.

CBD oils are available over the counter and are considered dietary supplements. When it comes to the individual selection of hemp products, individual preferences regarding carrier oil, concentration, and application type play a role. But the supplier’s test criteria should also be observed to find a safe and high-quality product. CBD Oil products are not only available in pharmacies but also in online shops like ours.


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