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Can CBD Help with Tumors?


Studies that begin to endorse the use of cannabinoids for treatment against childhood diseases have grown exponentially in number. A study in Britain investigated whether they could be used to reduce brain tumors in children.

It is already well known all over the world that CBD is the combination of a large set of healing molecules for treatment different ailments and diseases. With every day that passes, we see new research that endorses the healing power of CBD and the benefits of its use as medicine without any side effects.

It turns out that in the United Kingdom, all the information and the referential culture in the CBD community is talking about everything related to CBD and its derivatives as a treatment or therapy. Because of this, many parents with sick children (especially suffering from some brain tumors) are beginning to believe in the healing power and properties of cannabinoids (CBD) to alleviate or cure the symptoms seen in their children. Naturally, any parent would want their child to benefit from CBD if it can alleviate such a severe condition.

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This has led to the fact that there has been an increase in the number of parents willing to administer CBD related substances to their children with brain tumors. The majority of these parents safely pursue the CBD treatment with very little prescription or medical follow-up.

According to professor Richard Grundy of the Center of Brain Tumors in Children in that University – a whole scientific department has been arranged to observe how CBD molecules are working to help reduce childhood brain tumors. Researchers are trying to demonstrate not only the effect of cannabidiol itself, but also to compare the results of this therapy with those of aggressive treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Childhood tumors need urgent new forms of treatment, which expands and improves both the quality of life of patients and the therapeutic arsenal that our medical science currently has. β€œThat’s why we are excited about the idea of testing the effect of cannabidiols on tumor cells in the brain”, said the senior researcher on this project.

Currently, in the United States, brain tumors represent the leading cause of cancer death among a long list of others. Thousands of children are diagnosed each year with cancer, of which a good proportion is related to the brain or bone marrow cancer.

We hope that the results of this study end up representing the best types of treatment that can be given to these patients, and in this way we can obtain a healthy, natural and aggression- free therapy for the betterment of children.

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