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CBD for athletes


CBD HELPS WITH MUSCLE REGENERATION For many people, sports has become not just a pastime, but also a lifestyle. They train to improve their condition because they compete or just to feel better on the beach in a bikini. The type or the reason for the activity does not matter; we must think of our […]

Metabolic Syndrome

Can CBD Help with Metabolic Syndrome?

The metabolic syndrome involves a pattern of multiple pathological features, i.e. several diseases and risk factors that come together and are usually linked. The term was put forward in 1981 and has increasingly become the focus in recent years. As more and more people are affected, the prevention of the syndrome is becoming increasingly important. […]

How to lose weight with CBD

CBD oil and CBD based products for weight loss are getting a lot of buzz, but do they really work? For decades, the image of hemp has been associated with lean hippies. Nowadays, scientific evidence of these stereotypes is surfacing. It turns out that CBD can really help you lose weight. Losing Weight with CBD […]

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