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CBD (cannabidiol) improves the healing of bone fractures

The administration of cannabidiol (CBD), one of the CBD compounds, leads to faster healing of the bone fracture.

Scientists from the Bone Laboratory of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, report that the main non-psychoactive constituent of CBD, cannabidiol (CBD), improves the biomechanical properties of the healing of bone fractures in rats.

CBD stimulates the enzymes responsible for the cross-linking of collagen, the main structural protein of connective tissues. The authors of the study state that, “it is likely to contribute to the improved biomechanical properties of the fracture callus” (a structure that transforms into bone).

According to the researchers; “The CBD alone is sufficiently effective in improving the healing of fractures.” They point out that “multiple experimental and clinical studies have portrayed the CBD as a safe agent, suggesting new studies in humans to evaluate its usefulness in improving fracture healing.”

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