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Cannabis and Corona


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Research into CBD does not stand still, especially in times of corona – and has produced amazing results.

A study by the University of Lethbrigde in Canada comes to the conclusion that cannabidiol can, among other things, change a receptor through which Sars-CoV-2 penetrates the body. Since the ACE2 receptor reacts to CBD according to the research team led by biologist Olga Kovalchuk, it could be possible to fight off the virus and thus prevent corona disease. The scientists suggest using CBD as a mouthwash. The active ingredient can thus become active directly in the mouth and throat and could prevent the virus from entering the body.


While the study didn’t receive a review, the results from Canada are not the only promising data. According to business magazine Forbes, researchers from the University of Nebraska and the Texas Biomedical Research Institute recommended in July that the treatment of corona patients should be examined separately. The basis is the anti-inflammatory effect of CBD, which has already been proven in many other studies.


The virus becomes particularly dangerous when it comes to pneumonia. This is exactly what could be treated and weakened with the help of CBD. Previous research has shown positive effects of CBD on other lung diseases. In a study on animals, scientists found that the use of CBD in both asthma and pulmonary fibrosis led to a significant weakening of the respective inflammatory processes.


Although further studies are necessary here, too, the researchers from the USA also expect a positive side effect: the anxiety-relieving effect of CBD could also help patients suffering from Covid. The uncertainty about the outcome of the illness puts additional stress on the body and soul. The calming effect of cannabidiol can at least significantly alleviate this stress and thus lead to an improvement in the overall condition.


The Israel-based InnoCan, which developed various cannabinoid-based drugs, is pursuing a third approach. In collaboration with the University of Tel Aviv, the experts are working on “loading” exosomes with CBD and then using them as therapy.

Exosomes are small vesicles that play an important role in communication between cells and have long been studied for the treatment of autoimmune diseases and cancer. They can be aimed like a kind of small rocket at diseased organs and help them to recover. The combination of these exosomes with the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD could, according to the company, have very high synergetic effects and be excellent against Covid-19.


Word spreads around the extremely broad application potential of CBD oil. The increasing demand for this natural and well-tolerated active ingredient of the hemp plant means that more and more suppliers are entering the market. Unfortunately, the wellbeing of customers who want to protect and improve their health with cannabinoids is not in the eye for everyone. The number of black sheep among the providers is increasing.

The costs are often an indication of the quality of the products. Because the old adage also applies to cannabinoid oils: Quality has its price.

It starts with the cultivation. An inferior product from uncontrolled mass production can of course be offered much cheaper. Hemp cultivation is booming in many Asian countries, but there is often still a lack of awareness of the importance of careful treatment of the plants in a health-promoting product. The use of pesticides and other pesticides is of course never desirable, but such toxins or heavy metals have no place in CBD oil. It doesn’t matter how much cheaper the end product can be offered.


Our only organic approach may make our product a little more expensive. However, we can say with a clear conscience that we offer a completely natural and harmless product.


The manufacturing process itself also affects the quality of the oil and thus its effectiveness. You can also identify it in the price: depending on the extraction method selected, the investment in the corresponding technology is higher or lower. The most common at the moment are CO2 extraction, which we at My Insomnia Fix also use to extract our CBD and CBG-containing oil. The acquisition costs for the necessary equipment are significantly higher, but the result is convincing – and enables us to guarantee consistently high quality.


This is especially true with regard to the ingredient that makes My Insomnia Fix oils so special: Our unique combination of CBD and CBG oil in different compositions. Cannabigerol (CBG) is only present in very young hemp plants and in relatively low concentrations. In the course of the plant’s growth, these “primordial molecules” are transformed into the other cannabinoids present in hemp such as CBD, THC, CBC, etc.


Ultimately, it goes without saying that My Insomnia Fix has what it says on it. Through regular analyzes carried out by external laboratories, we ensure that the cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabigerol (CBG) content actually corresponds to the percentage we want. Of course, we let these analyzes cost us a bit. But external control is clearly part of our self-image as a quality provider of full-spectrum oils.

Order your bottle today and try it out.

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