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CBD Guide: 7 CBD Tips Every Beginner Should Know!

CBD oil is the new miracle weapon against hectic routine and pressure in everyday life. It offers a new way of life – provided you use the product correctly and are aware of its special features. In this article, you will find 7 tips that you should definitely know as a newbie.

CBD – An All-Rounder for Everyday Life

Do you already know someone who has experience with My Insomnia Fix cannabidiol or CBD products? Our natural cannabinoid products from the hemp plant are now enjoying great popularity. The possible uses of our product range is as diverse as the daily challenges that you face.

Plant Power with A Scientific Backbone

Researchers say that the cannabinoid is able to interact with the endocannabinoid system. The system is part of the nervous system and each of us has it. With CBD, you can achieve a variety of effects, all of which contribute to moving the body back more towards overall well-being. Sounds promising, doesn’t it? Newcomers in particular approach CBD oil with great hopes, but often with unclear or false expectations. That’s why in this article, we have summarized 7 tips that every newcomer should consider.

7 tips for CBD Beginners

  1. Approach the matter impartially
  2. Adapt the product to the needs at any time
  3. Do not compare experiences with each other
  4. Be patient
  5. Start slowly
  6. Less is more
  7. Don’t be fooled by taste and appearance

Approach the matter impartially!

Anyone who starts with CBD oil has certainly heard a lot about it. The experience reports and the information handed down in the media show that many people set distorted expectations of the hemp plant. We need to practically understand how it works. So, first things first – cannabidiol is one of several non-psychoactive cannabinoids in the hemp plant. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about any intoxicating effects. The US has set an upper limit for the THC content in CBD products – everyone must adhere to these as manufacturers and give consumers the security of only receiving products that contain little or no THC. With high-quality, nationally available CBD oils at My Insomnia Fix, you do not need to worry about any psychoactive effects.

The World Health Organization has confirmed the good safety profile and the World Anti-Doping Organization has also included CBD in the list of permitted substances for athletes.

You can easily avoid any unwanted symptoms if you’re using CBD. It’s mostly about the standard dosages, and you can easily follow it if you adhere to consumption recommendations.

Adapt the product to your needs at any time!

Cannabidiol has no potential for physical dependence, nor is there any evidence of habituation effects. You can interrupt the intake at any time and adjust the number of drops to your needs.

In principle, we recommend regular intake, especially in the first month, to get a feel for the dosage and the characteristics of the cannabinoid. After that, you can adjust the intake as needed. In most cases, you can even reduce the dosage over time. CBD is a gentle mental and physical support from nature.

Do not compare experiences with each other!

Everybody is different, and each individual experience it differently. Although experience reports provide exciting benchmarks and information, you shouldn’t use it as a direct comparison value. The following parameters can influence how and when you perceive the effects of the CBD:

  • Dosage form
  • Height and weight
  • Subjective feeling
  • Starting position

Even if two people take the same product for the same reason, they don’t necessarily achieve the same effects at the same time. There are people who are particularly sensitive to natural products and those who are less sensitive and simply need more time.

Depending on the product you choose at My Insomnia Fix online storefront, the onset of the effects can vary at different speeds.

In short, as different as the genetics are, so are the experiences with CBD.

Be Patient!

Another particularly important tip: you must be patient with CBD. Many forget that CBD is a natural product, not a drug. It takes time for the body to get used to the supply of exogenous cannabinoids and for the first effects to show up. The cannabinoid does not intervene directly in certain processes, but interacts holistically and supportively with the body to gently bring it back into balance.

Experts advise that you should give your body at least three weeks. Many people hope for immediate effects and then discontinue taking it much too soon. So, if you don’t notice anything after two to three days, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions and give the product a chance.

You can drip CBD oil directly under the tongue onto the oral mucosa for optimal effects. You can read more about the correct intake in the article “The Right CBD Dosage”.

Start slowly!

The higher the concentration, the better the effects? No, we don’t endorse that. Unless otherwise prescribed by your doctor, you should start with concentrations in the entry-level range (5% to 10%). When it comes to issues relating to well-being, these can already bring the desired effects.

The concentration indicates how much CBD extract is there in the bottle.

Less is more!

When it comes to dosage, too, the advice is “less is often more”. Slowly approach the recommended consumption. In many cases, a reduction in the number of drops makes sense.

You should discuss the combined intake with medication with the doctor to rule out possible interactions. In addition, we recommend a time interval between ingestion.

Do not be fooled by taste and appearance!

From “I can’t stand the taste of it” to “The oil is very rich in flavor”, you keep hearing different feedback about the taste of CBD oil. It is important to know that cannabidiol is a natural product – the taste can vary depending on the batch and the plant material. It is possible that one batch is a bit lighter in color or tastes more intense than the other.

Depending on the terpene profile and carrier oil, CBD oil tastes mildly nutty to bitterly strong. At My Insomnia Fix, we diffuse the strong aroma by using the right carrier oils for a pleasant experience for you.

Nonetheless, our regular analyzes ensure that each batch is guaranteed to contain the same plant substances in the same concentration. A slightly different taste or appearance does not reduce the quality of the oil.


There are a number of points that cause confusion, especially for newcomers to CBD. The wrong expectations as well as a general lack of or wrong knowledge about the hemp plant and its characteristics can lead you to stop taking CBD prematurely, which is a shame. It’s because you usually only notice the first results after one to two weeks. CBD is a natural product that gently moves the body towards wellbeing through the body’s own endocannabinoid system. The experiences with CBD products are as individual as the feelings of each person.

The best thing to do is form your own opinion and discover the potential of the hemp plant for yourself. So, don’t take our word for it and get your own individual experience with our premium-grade CBD oil products at My Insomnia Fix. Buy CBD oil online today at our online storefront!

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