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For many people, sports has become not just a pastime, but also a lifestyle. They train to improve their condition because they compete or just to feel better on the beach in a bikini. The type or the reason for the activity does not matter; we must think of our body when we work on our goals. Sports activities often lead to injuries or pain in the muscles, which restrict us in our everyday life and our plans.

Muscle regeneration is important for competitive athletes and everyone who engages in sports in their free time. An athlete who trains every day and does not rest perform lesser than those who include recovery time in their routine. In every regeneration phase, the body can become more productive, which also includes efficient sleep. CBD could help promote the regeneration of stressed muscles and sleep.


There are many different ways in which athletes can support regeneration phases, such as compression bands, ice baths or specific rest phases.

When optimizing your training conditions and increasing your performance, you should ensure adequate regeneration and recovery.

Good nutrition, regular exercise, and sleep are necessary for optimal results. During sleep, the body has absolute rest and can regenerate undisturbed from exercise. Regeneration in everyday life is also very important. Anyone who is constantly under pressure has no energy to relax. Plan your workout so that it fits into your life.

Finally, there is mental relaxation. Just 20 minutes of breathing exercises, meditation, light stretching or a walk in the evening can calm the mind. Body and mind are one. A calm mind supports the regeneration of the body.


Cannabidiol is known to have a calming and sleep-inducing effect, and this is exactly what athletes have now recognized as well. In 2012, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed cannabidiol from the list of prohibited substances, enabling many athletes to use CBD as a natural dietary supplement in sports.

This year the USL (United Soccer League) signed a four-year contract with a CBD company. β€œThis partnership is not only a guide but also considers the well-being and relaxation of our athletes and fans. We look forward to achieving great things together and believe that the future is very bright.” – Keller (USL Senior Vice President)


The helpful CBD properties are very diverse and in sport are mostly related to regeneration.

A large number of inflammatory processes occur in the body every day. These can have very different causes. Short-term inflammations are even important as they protect the body from pathogens such as viruses and bacteria and can also eliminate damaged cells. The pain caused by inflammation could be alleviated by cannabidiol (CBD) through its anti-inflammatory effects.

CBD owes this effect to its function as an antioxidant, which binds harmful substances in the muscles. The antioxidant properties of CBD are said to be even stronger than those of vitamins C or D. Another important factor that influences training success is sleep. We can regenerate maximally during the sleep phases. CBD could promote the best possible quality of sleep and make sleep more efficient for the body.

In the recovery phase, the body tries to increase its resilience and improve performance. The muscles grow between the training sessions and the rest phases. It also accelerates fat loss, improves heart and lung activity, and improves cardiovascular health. The rest phases serve the body to regenerate. An athlete can benefit from training only if this is guaranteed.

CBD helps the body anti-inflammatory, accelerates the healing process, could balance hormone and enzyme levels, have a stress-reducing effect and supports rest and recovery phases. The body builds performance after a workout, and CBD could help regenerate muscle.

To incorporate the effects of CBD into your training plan, you must use the desired product regularly.

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