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A recent medical study conducted in the United States has shown that the use of cannabis (CBD) in the elderly reduces the medical prescription and saves the resources of medical insurance and hospitals.

A few months ago, the National Organization of Health Institutions of the United States published the study carried out in the state of Columbia. In the study, it was proven how the prescription and use of medical cannabis in elderly or disabled patients reduced the need to prescribe other drugs, especially analgesics.

The authors of the research estimated at 165 million dollars saved in the budget of Medicare (a kind of social security there at the federal level) only in one year in the State of Columbia, where medicinal consumption of CBD is entirely legal.

Given that average, we would be talking about a saving of approximately 495 million dollars every three years by the state. The study also predicted that in all the US countries together, consumption of CBD as medicine would save around 468 million per year in total. This is an outstanding number to consider.

Currently prescribed medical CBD is not covered by any insurance, nor by Medicare. However, CBD is legal in all fifty states after the Farm Bill in 2018.

One of the principal authors of the study, the university professor David W. Bradford, told the following in a small interview:

‘When states pass laws on medical CBD, we see a substantial shift in the move away from FDA-approved drugs’

The benefits of medicinal cannabis are clear. We hope that as doctors support the legalization of it for medical purposes as treatment, the situation will be normalized.

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