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  • There are over 100 other cannabinoids besides THC and CBD in the hemp plant.
  • Cannabinoids were also used for obesity (overweight), but the drug has now been withdrawn from circulation.
  • Coca-Cola is considering bringing a drink with CBD onto the market. There are also already foods that are upgraded with CBD.

CBD (cannabidiol) is the main active ingredient in hemp but also one of many other cannabinoids. There are over 100 different Phyto-cannabinoids (plant cannabinoids) in the cannabis plant. CBD is a legal substance and is available on the open market, primarily as an oil. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD does not induce intoxication and only has a very low THC value. There is already some research on CBD, which has shown that this cannabinoid has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and has, therefore, already been used successfully in medicine.

CBD is used for various ailments and diseases – we want to inform you about them. Always consult your doctor or pharmacist. You will not receive any guarantee from us, as we don’t claim any medical application of CBD. Here are some of the conditions that CBD is used for:

  • MS (multiple sclerosis): a disease of the central nervous system
  • Depression: a mental illness (negative state of mind)
  • Sleep disorders: including physical symptoms such as difficulty concentrating
  • Anxiety: up to pronounced phobias, such as fear of the dark (achluophobia)
  • Epilepsy: convulsive states
  • Schizophrenia: a mental illness that occurs between the ages of 16 and 30
  • Migraine: very severe, one-sided headache with flickering eyes and tremors
  • Osteoarthritis: severe joint wear, a degenerative disease
  • Parkinson’s: slow progressive loss of nerve tissue (a symptom is tremors in the body)

The dosage form of CBD products ranges from oils to ointments and capsules to drops. These pharmaceuticals are freely available in the market. However, in the US, they are not considered a drug, only a dietary supplement. Nevertheless, consultation with the doctor is important before starting the medication. There may be interactions with other drugs. We should also adhere to the dosage recommendation.

The chemical makeup of CBD

Like all cannabinoids, CBD is an acid found in plants. The chemical formula for this is C21H30O2. Cannabidiol was first synthesized by Raphael Mechoulam, an Israeli professor of pharmaceutical chemistry. He is considered the forefather of research into medical hemp. CBD oxidizes to cannabinol (CBN) after long storage. It is another cannabinoid of the hemp plant that contains psychoactive substances and only occurs in very small amounts in cannabis.

The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD

While studying cannabinoids, researchers have also discovered the endocannabinoid system in our bodies. This system is part of our nervous system and includes two receptors called cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2. The CB1 receptor is located in the nerve cells, primarily in the brain. CB2 is found in the cells of the immune system. Our body can metabolize cannabinoid messenger substances and trigger processes in our body that help alleviate diseases or even heal them.

Extensive research has not yet been carried out on them, but they can be used in a wide range of human medicine. So far, the effectiveness of epilepsy and multiple sclerosis has been confirmed. In very young children, CBD has been used as a supportive aid in epilepsy to suppress seizures. CBD oil also has an analgesic effect on migraines and osteoarthritis. In the autoimmune disease MS, inflammatory processes occur in the body, so the cannabidiol can be used successfully.

It can be used concomitantly with smoking cessation; studies have shown that the quitting rate is 40% higher with CBD than without. It has also been proven that CBD inhibits the formation of some cancerous tumors. It is already widely used in cancer research. It can also help against nausea during chemotherapy. Attention should be paid to the amplification of adenosine, which is often a component of narcotics. Adenosine prevents the transmission of stimulating substances in the body and has a strong sleep-promoting effect.

CBD also has cell-protective properties and traps free radicals. That is also the reason why CBD is found in day creams and cosmetics. According to some manufacturers, these creams are true fountains of youth, but this has not yet been proven. The fact that ointments are supposed to help against acne has not yet been proven, but due to the antibacterial effect, at least the skin’s inflammation is reduced.

Some cannabinoid preparations can fall under the Narcotics Act, so you should be thoroughly informed in advance. Always get your products from a reputable store.

CBD products – full-spectrum and isolate in comparison

As mentioned, the quality of CBD products should be considered when buying. Different manufacturing processes also affect the price. The differences between full-spectrum extracts and CBD isolates are listed below.

Costs Expensive Cheaper
Concentration Strong Low
Health benefits Effectively Limited
Taste Light taste in raw form None
Side effect As good as none As good as none
Entourage effect Yes No
THC content Could be included Unlikely

If you want to avoid even small amounts of THC, you should always opt for the isolate. As the name suggests, pure CBD is extracted and bottled here. That makes it easy to maintain the exact CBD content in production and also to prove it. The full spectrum, on the other hand, contains a large number of active ingredients. The CBD content cannot be assigned 100%, as the process is very extensive. Holistic therapy is guaranteed with such a product, even if the price is a little higher.

When buying, you should make sure that the ingredients are described extensively and that all substances are given percentages.

The range of CBD supplements is now very extensive, but oils have been the best-selling CBD supplements so far. The advantage of oils is that it can be taken in drinks or neat. For example, drip onto the back of the hand and take. Metal spoons should generally be avoided with herbal ingredients as there is the possibility of a chemical reaction. Therefore, it is better to use wooden or plastic spoons. The bottles in which it is usually offered must be stored in a dark and dry place. It doesn’t need to be put in the refrigerator, and its shelf life is not affected if it’s in the cupboard or pantry. The oil can usually be kept for between 14 and 24 months. Cures that go on for several weeks can be made supportive or added to the daily diet.

Further dosage forms that contain CBD:

  • Liquids: are vaporized like e-cigarettes
  • Capsules: soft capsules that dissolve in the stomach
  • Ointments: for external use, also in cosmetics
  • Mixtures with coconut oil: to drip under the tongue
  • Blossoms: from CBD industrial hemp (a type of hemp that has a very low THC content)
  • Crystals: look like coarse salt, intended for consumption
  • Chewing gum: active ingredient is absorbed through the oral mucosa

By trying out or researching, you can find the right product for yourself. The way these products mentioned above work differs from product to product. Here, too, there is sufficient information on the Internet, including test results and customer reviews.

What is the entourage effect?

This effect can be compared with the interaction of several components. These connections support each other and benefit the body. So, if you choose a full-spectrum CBD product, you have given your body an advantage. Of course, isolates are also showing great promise when it comes to pure CBD extract and highlighting its properties. Ultimately, it must be decided on a case-by-case basis what to supply your body with. Every person tolerates these options differently.

Side effects of CBD

A few controlled studies have researched the side effects of CBD. The doctors assume that side effects are hard to be expected since CBD products may only have a maximum THC content of less than 0.2% and thus do not trigger a state of intoxication. Even if the state of intoxication is generally seen as wanted, it is still one of the side effects.

The impairment of people in everyday life after taking CBD has not been proven. Operating machines or driving a car, for example, is possible at any time. Nevertheless, the family doctor should be informed about the intake to interact with other pharmaceuticals. CBD can affect other medications by helping to slow down and increase metabolism. This risk must be discussed in advance.

Since CBD is broken down via the liver, the existing medication should be coordinated with the family doctor in advance, as otherwise, the organ could be overloaded.

Autoimmune Diseases and CBD

Due to the strong anti-inflammatory effect of CBD, this preparation is ideal for combating symptoms. With these diseases, the own autoimmune system attacks the body, and the inflammation levels rise dramatically. It forms the foci of inflammation.

Since CBD has already achieved great success in muscle-related diseases, it is particularly well suited to be used for the following symptoms, among others.

  • Spasms in muscle tissue
  • Spasms in the tissues of the internal organs
  • Cramps of any kind
  • Pain treatment (chronic pain)

Typically, muscle discomfort is the most serious symptom in MS. With its messenger substances, CBD docks to the right transmitters and can positively affect the nerve cells. The muscles relax and are less inflamed due to the constant strain. The same applies to internal organs. For example, in bronchial asthma, CBD has been shown to dilate the lungs and reduce asthma attacks. Even with an acute attack, CBD can be taken to permanently dilate the pulmonary vessels. In this way, the asthma medication, mostly sprays containing cortisone, can target the smallest alveoli and reduce the outbreak. Those who take CBD products on a long-term basis can strengthen their lungs to the extent that infections do not trigger spasms in the colder months, and the common cold, for example, is milder.

Autoimmunity, particularly in which the immune system constantly triggers high levels of inflammation, can be alleviated well with CBD agents. The course of disease and flare-ups are alleviated, and the body has time to recover. During periods of flare-up inflammation, CBD can be a great relief for the body. It does alleviate not only physical symptoms alleviated but also psychological ones. Anyone who has permanent pain or the like can easily get depressed, and general well-being suffers greatly. In most therapies for auto aggression, exercises (autogenic training or physiotherapy, for example) are taught to improve this condition.

Suppose you also plan your everyday life with a healthy diet and CBD products. In that case, you can absorb relapses better and will not fall into a bad mood spiral. The development has not yet been fully researched. It is assumed that a predisposition (“bad” genes) and external environmental factors (stress, infections, etc.) play a major role. So, you can’t try to avoid such a disease from the start. If you reduce stress and pay attention to a healthy diet, you are doing everything right. CBD products can also help here, as they promote sleep and help with nicotine withdrawal. A healthy lifestyle can no longer be opposed to a lot of sleep and distinct periods of rest.

It is important to ensure that the products have a high level of bioactivity. The main active ingredient must be CBD, and only less than 0.3% THC is legal.

Other benefits of CBD

Not only anti-inflammatory effects should be mentioned when talking about CBD. This cannabinoid has many other benefits, which are mentioned here:

  • Antibacterial
  • Antihypertensive
  • Neuroprotective
  • Antipsychotic effect

Neuroprotective means that cell death can be slowed down or even brought to a standstill. It is particularly beneficial in cancer research and is already used in some areas of cancer treatment.

The antipsychotic effect is mainly used in the treatment of schizophrenia. Due to the sleep-promoting effect and CBD’s calming effect, it also has a blood pressure-lowering effect. However, CBD’s use of blood pressure medication should be discussed with the family doctor in advance.

Dosage of CBD

The effectiveness of CBD has already been proven from 10 to 40 mg. Depending on your needs and symptoms, it can also be taken in high doses (max. 800 mg for adults). Small doses are sufficient in children with epilepsy. Also, some people do not respond at all to treatment with CBD. Therefore, longer phases should be maintained to feel the effects in the body.

CBD oils and other preparations on the market

Anyone who deals intensively with the topic of anti-inflammatory drugs or dietary supplements will quickly find that companies that have CBD substances in their portfolio can also be found on the stock exchange. Based on studies and proven successes, CBD’s image as a product of a drug plant (hemp) has changed in people’s minds. The focus is more on the topic of “health.” As a result, this type of product has grown, and the demand has increased.

The goods come in many price segments, from cheap to expensive. The clientele has changed from the supposed drug user to the woman next door. The health-promoting aspect is obvious, and society has come to terms with the idea of integrating a product into daily needs, which has been around for centuries but is only now being accepted.

CBD through the ages

The interest in society in products that promote a healthy lifestyle is growing all the time. The possibilities of finding all the information on the Internet that is necessary to get closer to these preparations are almost unlimited. Various laboratory reports can be accessed to assess the quality of the goods. Certified products can also be purchased in the market. The most decisive factor when buying goods containing CBD is the anti-inflammatory power of this cannabinoid.

It was a long way to go. Cannabidiol was first heard of in medicine in 1940. Corresponding specialist articles have been published at the University of Illinois in the USA. However, CBD was not seen as beneficial to health, but rather toxic. In 1963, the chemist Raphael Mechoulam at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem succeeded in deciphering this group’s chemical composition based on the discovery of cannabinoids. The synthesis of THC and CBD was successfully practiced just a year later.

However, it would take another ten years before animal studies could reduce epilepsy symptoms in 1973. The anti-anxiety property was also gradually recognized, which is still used in patients with anxiety disorders. In the early 1980s, Mechoulam and his colleagues also researched the antipsychotic effects of CBD. Again, it took another ten years for the medication to be used on humans. During this time, the endocannabinoid system was discovered in our bodies. Numerous other discoveries in this area were made.

At the turn of the millennium, medical cannabis was legalized in the United States. The drug Sativex (contains THC and CBD) is launched and is given to patients with multiple sclerosis. To date, more and more benefits of CBD are coming to light through intensive research. The past 70 years have given CBD a good reputation, and it is no longer just a “drug.” Pure CBD products can be obtained legally in the US. The journey is far from over. The research will continue to discover the benefits of CBD and thus be able to give patients herbal alternatives to allopathy.

In the case of autoimmune diseases, it is important to contain the sources of inflammation, as this increases the patient’s well-being enormously and alleviates depression and pain. Some symptoms of the disease go away completely. In addition to medically prescribed therapy, CBD products can also be used, provided that there is no contraindication. It means that the CBD product does not cancel the active ingredient in the prescribed medication. The use of this should, therefore, always be discussed with the family doctor.

The product range is broad and appeals to every taste, whereby the focus should always be on the benefit. If you want to invest more and want a holistic supply, you can purchase a holistic CBD product. The benefits are presented in detail, and the user can consider whether it suits their symptoms or not. In any case, the maintenance of healthy metabolism is ensured with ingestion. As a dietary supplement, it is available in all forms. You can also get enough information from pharmacies. Those who can weigh up the risks with prescribed medication and are adequately informed are doing good for their health.


Not only the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD have made this substance successful. Much research and medical trailblazers have made sure that CBD’s bad reputation disappears from people’s minds. In the meantime, many symptoms of various complaints can be alleviated. CBD can be purchased over the counter, and the flow of information through Internet portals is broad. Thanks to this anti-inflammatory agent, it will also be possible to live healthier and symptom-free in the future.


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