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Anyone who has decided to immortalize the favorite motif on their own body naturally also wants it to heal well and retain the rich colors for as long as possible. When stinging, the tattooist has to penetrate the top layer of skin – this creates a wound that we must care for to allow it to heal well. But time also leaves its mark. Tattoos fade and especially the radiance diminishes with colorful, bright tattoos. You can counteract this with the right care.

Basically, your tattooist will inform you about the right care during a consultation. Especially before and during the appointment, there is a lot of excitement and tension. You may forget something under these conditions. For this reason, we have summarized the most important information for you here to help you understand why the right care is so important. Due to its versatile properties, CBD is ideal for tattoo care – both for wound healing of fresh tattoos and for long-term care of your tattoo. You can find out more about this and why correct care is crucial, especially in summer, in the following article.


When piercing a tattoo, the tattoo color is stuck under the skin with a needle at a speed of approximately 10,000 stitches per minute. The needle penetrates the top layer of skin, which can cause a lot of pain. This is also called “dermis” and is 1-3 millimeters below the skin surface. When tattooing, the color pigments are distributed there, which then result in the desired motif.

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Before this happens, however, the corresponding skin area is disinfected and shaved. The desired motif is glued to the skin and can be viewed and adjusted again before making it permanent. The couch where you lie should also be sufficiently disinfected, as should the needle, which should come from a sterile packaging. When everything is ready, you can start.

How painful a tattoo is would depend on the personal feeling and the chosen position. The areas where there is little tissue between the skin and bones and where the nerve tissue is particularly pronounced are particularly painful. For example, tattoos on the thigh are less painful than tattoos on the knee or spine.

Once the color goes under the skin, it cannot be reversed so quickly – you should be aware of this in advance.

We would like to emphasize here that you should carefully consider your tattoo in advance. Do not decide to go for tattooing as an impulsive decision. Choose your tattoo and the desired body part carefully. Print out the motif of choice or have someone draw it and hang it up in a place where you can look at it every day before making it permanent on your skin.

Tattoos are like stories – they symbolize special moments in life and keep them for us forever.

The tattoo agents consist of different substances. In order to rule out negative consequences, such as infections, scars or allergic reactions, it is important that your tattoo studio uses high-quality products.

Tattoo inks – A Health Risk?

Tattoo agents may include colorants, pigments and suspending agents, which act as a carrier liquid. These can contain thickeners, preservatives and other substances.

Long-term effects of tattoos or the effects of color pigments in the body are still unknown. However, there are special tattoo agent regulations in which the legislator lists dyes that must not be used.

CBD for your Tattoo! - No Borders Naturals CBD for your tattoo care

Bad tattoos can contain heavy metals and allergy-causing harmful substances. During the stinging process, the color comes into direct contact with the blood and lymph fluid. Then it is distributed systemically in the body.

Therefore, take enough time when looking for a suitable tattoo studio and pay attention to the following in addition to the tattoo style:

  • Cleanliness
  • Materials
  • Colors used
  • Feel-good factor

If you are unsure about any of these things, ask and get more information.

Care of Fresh Tattoos

Tattoos are like fresh wounds and need special attention to prevent inflammation or infection. The skin is injured, reddened, swollen and painful. For this reason, you should keep the relevant skin area clean and dry after a fresh tattoo.

In order to be perfectly prepared, it is advisable to add the following to the shopping list before the tattoo appointment:

  • Cling film
  • Neutral, perfume-free soap
  • Wound & healing ointment
  • Kitchen roll

This would ensure the perfect basic equipment for your fresh tattoo.

Immediately after tattooing, the tattooist creams the new motif and covers it with a film so that the wound is adequately protected and no infections occur. The skin pores can regenerate and close without any issues.

If you are freshly tattooed, you should avoid going to the swimming pool or sauna. You don’t have to do without a shower. That is why the perfume-free and pH-neutral soap is on the shopping list, since it does not irritate the skin or delay healing.

An ointment is essential for successful wound healing. It prevents severe crusting and supports the skin in healing. The kitchen roll is used to dry the corresponding skin area. Do not use a towel or washcloth here as they irritate the skin. In addition, you should not hold fresh tattoos under the direct water jet.

Right After Tattooing

Your tattooist will say goodbye to you with important information about further treatment as well as a cream and a foil on the tattoo. But the question immediately arises: when can I finally remove the film? The new masterpiece, which now decorates your skin, naturally wants to be admired and shown immediately.

When it comes to the question of when you should remove the film, opinions differ – here you will get different answers depending on the tattoo artist and experience. The recommendations range from 1-3 hours to 24-26 hours to keep the film on the fresh tattoo. Above all, listen to your own feelings here.

The film is used for protection, but it also prevents the skin from breathing and the wound water, which arises especially immediately after stinging. Therefore, the film should be removed sooner or later.

When to remove the film for the first time?

After removing the film, you should carefully clean the fresh tattoo with lukewarm water – this is where you use the kitchen roll. This is used to dry off the tattooed area. You should be careful to pat and not rub.

Then you apply a thin layer of wound and healing ointment to the tattoo. The rule here is: less is more. Always apply a thin layer. If applied too thick, the cream can soften your freshly pierced tattoo and affect the color.

You should reapply the ointment every 4 hours – at least 2-3 times a day – since you won’t be able to do it more often. It is advisable to leave the film on the first night after tattooing.

The film can also be applied 2-3 days after the lancing. Listen to your subjective feeling – depending on the size and location of the tattoo, it can often be pleasant if you still cover the corresponding skin area with foil after the first night.

With large tattoos in particular, it can be uncomfortable if the clothing rubs against the tattoo or comes into contact with the cream. After a few days you will notice how the tattoo heals and the skin regenerates.

Worth knowing: After 2-3 days, the area of the skin can start to itch slightly – scratching is “prohibited” here, as this has a negative effect on wound healing. After a few days, the scab begins to peel off, and the skin can also peel easily. The newly formed shiny skin is underneath.

Important: If the skin is still red, swollen or painful after several days, you should consult a doctor, as this can indicate an infection. It is particularly important to ensure adequate hygiene when working on tattoos and to work in sterile conditions.

When do you see a Doctor?

You should consult a doctor if you see the following symptoms:

  • The redness / pain / swelling does not subside
  • Fever
  • Pustules filled with pus or liquid appear on the surface of the skin
  • Severe, permanent itching
  • Thin, red lines leading away from the tattoo

The Most Important in a Nutshell

  • Apply cream regularly
  • Loose clothing that does not rub against the tattoo
  • Avoid exercise and sun during the first week, since sweat supports the formation of bacteria and favors infections.
  • Avoid swimming pool, lake or sea as this also increases the risk of infection. In addition, the softening of the skin in the water affects the color development and chlorine has a negative effect on wound healing.

Don’t forget that your new artwork is a fresh wound on your skin. Give the skin enough time to heal and regenerate. This also has a positive effect on color retention.

Tattoo Creams – Pay Attention to This

Tattoo creams are already abundant in the market. Your tattooist will certainly give you a recommendation or have special creams in the range. It is important to choose an ointment whose ingredients are specially designed for wound healing.

In addition, there are certain ingredients that can have a negative impact on color development and color strength. That is why it is important to use natural ointments that are specially tailored to the needs of freshly tattooed skin. The right ointment is essential if you want to do something good for your tattoo and want to benefit from a rich color for as long as possible.

Cannabidiol (CBD) proves to be a true miracle cure when it comes to wound healing. The natural Phyto-cannabinoid of the hemp plant can be used directly after stinging to relieve the first symptoms, but also as a long-term companion. It ensures that the color intensity of your tattoo stays as long as possible at the beginning.

CBD for Tattoo Care

Cannabidiol has a number of beneficial properties for health. CBD can not only be used for complaints and illnesses, but also for tattoo care for the following reasons:

  • Soothing pain
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory

CBD is ideal for pain relief right after the tattoo. The Phyto-cannabinoid is also effective against bacteria and can help protect the wound from infection. Together with the antiseptic effect, you can prevent inflammation. Therefore, a CBD balm is particularly recommended and beneficial, especially for fresh tattoos.

But CBD is not only beneficial for freshly engraved tattoos, the Phyto-cannabinoid of the hemp plant is also ideal for long-term tattoo care.

CBD also acts as an antioxidant and protects cells from free radicals and oxidative damage. This is not only exciting in terms of anti-aging, but also for tattoos, so that the color remains bright and, above all, distributes evenly under the skin.

My Insomnia Fix CBD Products for Natural Tattoo Care

My Insomnia Fix CBD Products are ideal for the care of fresh tattoos and can also be used in the first few weeks afterwards so that your skin can regenerate itself sufficiently.

  • Promotes wound healing
  • Reduces itching and tension
  • Helps restore normal skin barrier
  • Helps with irritated skin
  • Soothes reddened skin
  • Moisturizes the skin

MIF products come with natural ingredients because your tattoo deserves the best.

The CBD oil is particularly gentle on the skin and contains gamma-linolenic acid, which has an anti-inflammatory effect. The oil makes the colors of the tattoo shine. The vitamin E it contains can reduce the duration of wound healing and also acts as an antioxidant.

CBD can help that external stimuli, bacteria or chemical substances do not affect the freshly tattooed skin and supports the skin’s natural regeneration processes.

You can primarily use it to relieve the itching sensation, which is particularly uncomfortable just 2-3 days after the fresh tattoo.


Apply the balm thinly to the affected area 2-3 times a day. The balm leaves a pleasantly light film on the skin so it can breathe and recover from the exertions. The natural ingredients ensure that the color is well protected and the skin remains healthy.

Tip for Severe Itching:

Massage a thin layer of acute balm into the area. If the itching is particularly severe, pat lightly on the skin with your fingertips.

To maintain the color strength of the tattoo, it is important to maintain the motif even after it has healed. For long-term use after tattoo care, we recommend Xen Blend with CBG.

Our CBD oil products are free of synthetic ingredients and provide the skin with moisture through the healthy ingredients it contains. It regenerates the skin and provides you with the beneficial vitamin E. The nourishing oil regenerates the skin and provides your tattoo with moisture and natural lipids.

Tattoo Care in Summer

Direct sunlight is particularly bad for tattoos. If the color pigments are exposed to UV radiation that is too long or too intense, they can fade.

Colorful tattoos in particular lose their luminosity and black tattoos can turn gray. If you still like to sizzle in the sun every now and then, you should apply sunscreen with a high sun protection factor in summer and provide it with moisturizing body lotions. In drugstores or pharmacies, you can get products especially for tattoos with a high sun protection factor so that the UV rays of the sun do not destroy the color pigments.


Tattoos are small and costly masterpieces that you immortalize on your skin. To enjoy the bright colors long enough, it is important that we maintain the works of art properly – both immediately after tattooing and afterwards so that the tattoo does not fade after healing due to different environmental influences. CBD combines all the important properties that are essential for a successful tattoo healing and has proven to be a long-term companion to maintain and strengthen elasticity, shine and strength. Our organic, certified and natural CBD products only use natural ingredients – because you and your tattoo deserve the best.

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