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CBD Pure Product Review

CBD Pure – What did we think?

We recently had an opportunity to try the CBD Pure line of Hemp Oil.  A few quick takeaways are that this oil comes in a 60ml (2oz) bottle vs. most CBD Tinctures which usually come in a 1oz or 30ml bottle.  CBD Pure prides themselves on keeping it pure – hence the name!  This is certified organic grown hemp oil from Colorado mixed with a high grade MCT oil which is also great for brain function.

We noted the taste was quite mild, without a lot of ‘hempiness’ to it – something their rep noted was that because there are no flavors or other ingredients in this hemp oil the company chose to add more MCT oil and make their bottles twice the size to make the oil a little less acrid tasting.  Hemp is a strong flavor and takes a bit to get used to.  The extra MCT oil makes the bottle last longer and is really good for people with a sensitivity or distaste for flavorings.

This strategy from CBD Pure works brilliantly because the carrier oil (MCT) is really good for you as well.  So how did this product rate?  We tried out the 600mg bottle and it was the real stuff!  One of our reviewers noted the anti-anxiety effects right away driving home from work – rush hour can be a source of anxiety in Minneapolis.  Not only is Minneapolis one of the largest metro areas without a subway, it gets really cold and snowy here too!  (Why we choose to live here is another discussion :-).  So with the CBD Pure, I personally took a full dose which might have actually been a little much – this is strong stuff!  Of course, with CBD oil it’s very much up to the individual and dosages affect people differently.

Highlights of this CBD Oil

  • Organic – This company will actually provide the lab results not just for their various products, but for the batch of products that your particular bottle came from.  If that’s not quality control I don’t know what is.  They use the CO2 Extraction Method and test for contaminents and heavy metals.
  • Pricing – This oil is priced just right, it’s a high quality organic hemp oil mixed with MCT carrier oil (which is not cheap either).  As far as price this falls in the middle of the spectrum but we feel it is a great value for what you get.  CBD Pure has chosen to focus more on their product than their marketing.
  • Guarantee – Another thing that struck us about this company is that they are willing to guarantee their products.
  • Minimalist Company – You can tell right away that this company is all about quality CBD hemp oil and puts a lot of effort into running a tight ship.  Their website is minimal and their marketing is minimal.  They have a small product line but focus 100% on quality.  You can even get a bit of a discount from ordering from MyInsomniaFix.  Use Coupon Code ‘CBDPURE’ to get 5% off for reading this review 🙂

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