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Today, people are using CBD oil to stop smoking. Addiction to smoking is one of the leading causes of death and cancer. A large number of people struggling with this habit continue to do so for a very long time. Unfortunately, despite several dedicated efforts, some fail in their battle and tend to relapse. There is a variety of oils for quitting smoking in the market. We will share some natural ways for quitting smoking in this article.

Try Natural CBD oil to stop smoking

Whether it’s a teenager or an older adult, smoking has become a common addiction. CBD oil can help you quit smoking. As an alternative people are using CBD oil cigarettes to stop smoking. Stress, anxiety, and social influence are some of the primary reasons smoking has become an epidemic that has put several lives at risk. It’s not the act of smoking – rather, it’s the nicotine present in tobacco that users get addicted to. Nicotine creates a physical dependence by reprogramming synaptic receptors in the brain, which in turn makes it hard for users to quit using tobacco. When they do try to stop, they suffer from withdrawal symptoms like restlessness, anxiety, depression, irritability and more.

However, awareness is rapidly increasing, and more people are making disciplined efforts to quit smoking. A growing number of smokers are leaning towards natural remedies to effectively quit smoking. If you are addicted, these may or may not work for you, but are definitely worth trying.

Smoking Cessation with CBD Oil

In the past few years, researchers have debated a lot about the benefits of CBD oil, a phytocannabinoid extracted from the cannabis plant. After the legalization drive, people have realized that one of the major benefits of CBD oil could be effective smoking cessation. Several studies have shown that CBD oil could have a very positive effect on breaking smoking habits and nicotine addiction.

One of the studies conducted on controlled groups saw that people using CBD inhalers reduced smoking by 40%. In another study, users were given CBD pills and shown photos to trigger the urge of smoking. However, scientists found that CBD oil reduced the anxiety and stress levels that were the main contributors in forcing users to smoke again.

Experts suggest that CBD can help reduce the urge to smoke cigarettes in any form. It can even slow down cigarette intake and make people smoke fewer cigarettes. For centuries, cannabis has been used as a pain and anxiety reliever – this is great, because using CBD can help people who feel the urge to smoke as soon as stress and anxiety kick in. Headaches and body pains are some of the common symptoms of withdrawal. CBD’s anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties can ease out the process for people who have been struggling to quit smoking. More researches suggest that CBD can also repair the brain structure and prevent relapse.

There are a variety of ways to use CBD for quitting smoking. You can use oil for a vape, consume capsules or swallow tinctures. Get your favorite form at affordable prices available online out of which Terpene Pen is the best way. It acts as a great substitute to nicotine and alleviates many negative effects of the toxic substance. CBD is also deemed effective in other forms of drug addiction too. However, researchers continue to study the subject and are striving to search for the best way of quitting smoking with the help of CBD oil.


Ginseng is believed to restore balance and enhance overall wellbeing. This herb has been used to increase overall physical and mental performance. One of its greatest benefits considered is its effectiveness in reducing nicotine-related cravings. All you have to do is add a spoon full of ginseng powder to your morning meal, juices, oats, cereals or smoothies and it can help you fight the craving all day long. It even prevents the most common withdrawal symptom of smoking –  nausea.

Relaxation techniques

Incorporating relaxation techniques and practices in daily life can help you combat stress and resist tobacco cravings. There are a range of relaxation techniques that, experts suggest, have helped people struggling with tobacco addiction. Deep-breathing, meditation, yoga, exercises, and visualization are just a few options that can be paired up with other natural remedies for faster results.


This is one of the most popular therapies that people rely on for quitting smoking habits. This ancient Chinese alternative medicine therapy using needles to restore balance in mind and body. It is considered the most beneficial during the critical phase, when withdrawal symptoms are at their peak.

With zero side effects, acupuncture is often used as an alternative or additional therapy when smokers are trying to quit the habit. Using hair-thin needles, the acupuncturist performs the therapy on pressure points in the ears that are considered most effective suppressing cravings and addiction.

Acupuncture, in particular, is considered quite effective because the practice releases endorphins naturally in our brain. This suppresses the need to smoke while combating stress and anxiety.


Grapeseed extract or grapeseed oil is also considered an incredible smoking cessation aid. This particular natural supplement contains nutrients that are essential to sanitize the body and brain of toxins from cigarettes and neutralize the harmful effects of long-term smoking. It reduces the acid levels in the blood and repairs the damage caused to the lungs by smoking.


Water has therapeutic effects on our body. There is no other way to cleanse your system better than water. As a natural detoxifier, it is highly efficient in eliminating toxins from the body and reversing the process. The more water you consume, the faster your system filters tobacco, nicotine and other related harmful substances. Water boosts the detox process as well as heals your body. It is an excellent natural remedy to repair the damage caused by smoking.

Final Words:

Apart from CBD oil to quit smoking and these natural remedies, Vitamin A, C and E, valerian, radish, oats, honey, and cayenne pepper can also help you quit smoking and recover from lung damage caused due to smoking.

Quitting smoking might be a challenging task; however, it is not impossible. All you must remember is that every cigarette is taking you closer to a painful end, and every step away is taking you closer to a better tomorrow.



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