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CBG for Autism

CBG for Autism

A recent medical study published in Scientific Reports shows a significant improvement in symptoms in children with autism when using cannabis preparations high in CBG. Cannabigerol does not share the psychoactive properties of THC and is therefore safe for use in children.

High-THC drugs are not an adequate treatment for children

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a profound developmental disorder. It begins in early childhood and usually means a lifelong need for help and support. Patients have difficulty maintaining personal relationships. Their way of speaking, gestures and body language often appear unusual and strange to those who are not affected. The fact that autistic people often practice stereotypical, repetitive behavioral patterns creates a common misconception.

Autism does not necessarily mean decreased cognitive performance or intelligence. While this does happen, there are also extremely talented and gifted people suffering from this type of mental disorder. Since it is diagnosed in childhood in most cases, treatment with cannabis drugs containing THC is not necessarily recommended. A new study suggests that cannabigerol can be used to treat children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

CBG oil promises success with ASD

The name of the study conducted in Israel is Real Life Experience Of Medical Cannabis Treatment in Autism. It shows significant improvements in patients with autism spectrum disorders when treated with cannabis medications that contain low levels of THC and high levels of CBG. 188 children of different ages who were diagnosed with ASA were given an individually tailored dose of a cannabis oil with 30 percent CBG and only 1.5 percent THC.

At the beginning of the investigation, restlessness (90.4%), fits of anger (79.8%) and nervousness (78.7%) were the most common symptoms of the patients. Six months after the study, symptoms improved in 80.1% of the patients when the cannabis oil was administered daily. They were able to increase their general quality of life with the use of CBG.

CBG-containing CBG & medicinal products can reduce the need for medication

The study’s success goes even further. 27 patients suffered from epilepsy. Of these, 24 reported a reduction or even disappearance of symptoms. 34 percent of the study participants reduced their medication intake through the CBG oil and 20 percent completely stopped antipsychotics in favor of the cannabis preparation. There were only a few side effects. 6.6 percent had the feeling of increased restlessness, 3.2 percent of the patients made the CBG oil sleepy and a further 3.2 percent had a slight psychoactive effect.

The prospects for a successful treatment of ASD with drugs containing CBG are nevertheless very good. Perhaps a further study using a CBG oil with an even lower THC content could shed light on whether you can further minimize the side effects and whether you can achieve the same treatment success.

The clinical picture

The childhood autism, the Atypical autism and Asperger syndrome – all three types of this disease have almost the same symptoms. The main features here are noticeable disturbances in communication in the verbal and non-verbal area. Difficulties in general social interaction and conspicuous behavior patterns, which often show up as compulsions, are also included. In general, it is considered incurable. To date, the causes of this congenital disease have not yet been clarified.

Early childhood mental illness, also known as Kanner’s syndrome, results in pronounced motor and language disorders. The first abnormalities appear between the ages of ten and twelve months. The first signs show up with a disturbed interaction with the mother or parents. The child does not return certain expressions, such as a smile. Also, the child affected does not stretch out his arms, for example to be lifted. Rather, the child is conspicuously absent from its social environment. But in contrast to the social environment, banal objects (a screw, a lamp, a water glass) can attract excessive attention from the child/affected person.

Atypical autism differs from early childhood suffering in that affected children only show symptoms from the age of three, but these are very similar to early childhood disorder. The Asperger’s Syndrome should also be mentioned. It is the weakened type of illness, but it does not necessarily deprive the person concerned and his social environment of less quality of life. People affected by this often show great difficulty in getting involved with another person. This not only includes emotional weakness, but also a lack of empathy. It means that these people cannot read emotions on the other person’s face. This clinical picture also includes the fact that Asperger’s patients have great difficulty in empathizing with another person. These people feel sadness, happiness, love and joy only very weakly or not at all. However, this cannot be generalized. Such people can also feel and show feelings.

How Can CBG Help With Autism?

Since science itself is still at the very beginning of understanding the causes of this disease, there are of course no medicinal substances that can heal this condition. So far, of course, the “miracle cure” CBD has not even been taken into consideration, but rather tiredly smiled at. This, in turn, is very different with the parents of such children. They are very open to CBG. And many parents have even used it successfully on their children. The body’s own endocannabinoid system reacts to the CBG in an interaction.

People affected by autism, regardless of gender and age, were emotionally more alert and open during the treatment. They reacted more attentively to their social environment and showed a clearly noticeable willingness to be able to get involved with their counterparts or to approach people.

From a medical point of view, these small miracles have not yet been proven, but have been proven by those affected and their relatives. CBG can also show supportive effects in this illness, which have not yet been officially confirmed (or intentionally).

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