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What is meditation? Meditation is a technique to relax the mind. The term “meditation” comes from Latin and means, among other things, to think, meditate and consider. Meditators open themselves to silence and, in this way, discover the space of consciousness of not thinking and not knowing. The thoughts come to rest.

Meditation is a method of how you practice contact with your intuition, inspiration, and creativity. During meditation, CBD active ingredients such as terpenes provide amazing effects. We show you in our blog post how terpenes can support your mediation.


Whether yoga or martial arts such as aikido, karate, judo, or kunoichi, meditation complements some sports, it has also found its way into our living room – some even into our meditation room. It not only looks fancy; it even makes sense. Finally, meditating brings you down and in balance. Numerous studies prove its effectiveness. Meditating, among other things, makes it easier for you to lose weight, improve the effectiveness of nerve fibers, reduce chronic inflammation and stress, lower high blood pressure, etc.

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How does that feel exactly? Less spiritual than you probably think. It’s just chilled, relaxed, and smooth. It is like mindlessness consciousness. Kind of like sleeping without sleeping. Full of clarity. Afterward, you will also feel as relaxed as after a power nap. While practicing to calm the thoughts and focus the mind, a new space opens up at the same time.

There are several meditation techniques for implementation. You can sit, jump, walk, lie, fly, hop, or scream. But please not everything at the same time!

Are you also open to a good mood, inner peace, more zest for life, and a boost in creativity? Then get started! 10-15 minutes of daily practice is enough for more strength and balance. Who doesn’t want to be less annoyed about a parking dispute, a disregarded driveway, or the jostle at the cash desk?

If you meditate, you will reach “Alpha Mode.” Rather, your brain waves change here. For the better, of course. We open up to our higher selves. It is as if our waves are smoothing, and we can simply feel better inside ourselves.

And it’s hard to believe that the meditating Insta-Beauties are sitting right: cross-legged and straight back. Artificial hand acrobatics, on the other hand, is completely redundant. Respectively, it only makes sense for very advanced users and has little effect. Therefore, you can simply put your hands on your thighs or knees. For a guide, it’s best to find a coach or meditation teacher.

Deepen meditation: Yoga and CBD can support your meditation practice. You can find out more about this topic here in our Yoga and CBD article.


As an essential component of essential oils, terpenes are mainly found in plants. You can find the chemical compounds in, for example, conifers, hemp plants, citrus fruits, lavender, and others. As secondary plant substances, they are responsible for everything in terms of aroma, taste, texture, color, and temperature.

It is now becoming clear why cannabis smells as it smells. The flowers and leaves of hemp alone contain over 200 essential oils.

The best thing is: Terpenes not only take care of the plant’s recovery; they are also healthy for humans. It is shown by a report by Dr. Ethan Russo dated September 2011 in the British Journal of Pharmacology. It is now clear why terpenes are used as flavorings in the food industry or aromatherapy. An extremely fragrant all-rounder, the little miracle helpers.


It is amazing how the active ingredients of the terpenes can take your meditation to a new level. The powerful, aromatic essences not only help with physical suffering. They could change the mental state just as powerfully – in a good way!

There has been a connection between humans, terpenes, and aromas for thousands of years. One of its most original uses is smoke. People found that strong properties of the plants are released in the fire. Burning the berries, leaves, bark, and roots of certain plants create smoke that blows through the air. It surprises with effects on body, mind, and even the taste of the prepared dishes. The use of terpenes as incense was born.


The ancient Egyptians also recognized the special importance of terpenes. It is shown by spices and incense burners that were found in the tombs of the great pharaohs.

Terpenes are not only important for humans; the ecosystem also benefits from its active ingredients. A-Pinene is an important bronchodilator and anti-inflammatory agent that significantly improves respiratory function. Study results also indicate that A-Pinene relaxes mind and body.

But what would the little helpers be if there wasn’t anything else? Other active ingredients in the terpenes stimulate the mind improve mood, and reduce stress. These are some wonderful qualities that you can use in your meditation practice.


Terpenes provide amazing effects during meditation. They cause different mental and emotional states. And sometimes, thanks to terpenes, you can even reach a higher state of consciousness during meditation.

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Deepen meditation: The topic is not new. In the past, people took this effect quite seriously, and terpenes had an important role to play in religious and spiritual practices.


Let us let science be science for a second. We can imagine how a beautiful fragrance that blows with the air increases our relaxation and pleasure. These can calm us down and make us happier.

Lavender – fragrant and relaxing – contains terpenes that lead to deep relaxation. Apart from the stress-relieving linalool, myrcene is a terpene that can be found in lavender. It is known for its sedative effects and an effective pain reliever. The essential oils of thyme, chamomile, and ylang-ylang are also rich in myrcene.


Frankincense noticeably reduces emotional states such as fear and stress. Cinnamon and Sandalwood oils also have a similar effect on your consciousness. They improve the mental health, promote creativity, and are healthier than incense.

And how do I bring terpenes into my meditation practice?

Very easy! Add the essential oils that we have mentioned to some carrier oil, such as jojoba oil, coconut, or almond. After that, apply them to the skin. Alternatively, simply place a couple of drops of the undiluted oil in a diffuser on a cloth or fragrance stone.


We now know that terpenes are healthy and improve your meditation. But the little wonder weapons have even more benefits!

They help detoxify your body and kill bacteria. They promote sleep, reduce muscle tension, minimize pain and inflammation, help with depression, and relax.

Do you want to know more about the health benefits? We have everything you need to know about CBD active ingredients and terpenes in our article about terpenes.

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