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Does CBD oil work for people in Idaho with back pain?

CBD stimulates an important system inside our body: The Endocannabinoid System. This stimulation helps reduce the intensity of pain and inflammation in the body. People who suffer from back pain use CBD Oil as an alternative for pain management. The promising potential of CBD Oil lies in its ability to reduce typical opioid analgesics, which are potentially harmful and causes addiction. With CBD, researchers are finding the possibility of mitigating acute and chronic back pain problems, with increased effectiveness and without negative effects.

Understanding Back Pain in the Idaho Population

Idaho is a rapidly growing state with a surging population – however, Idahoans are increasingly dealing with backpain and neck pain.  It seems even life in the great outdoors has its troubles.

Typically, we consider back pain as acute or chronic. We can treat acute pain quickly, either with rest or treatment. However, chronic back pain lasts for more than 12 weeks at least. 20% of people who report back pain have a chronic condition. The treatment of back pain can be complex – it involves pain management, physical therapy, lifestyle changes and even surgery. Recently, researchers have been analyzing how the use of CBD Oil for back pain. It could become the most important alternative method, without any risk of developing an addiction or complication.

Common causes of back pain can be herniated discs, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, muscle strain, spinal stenosis, anatomical abnormalities of the back, or irregularities of the bones; for instance, scoliosis or abnormal spinal curvature vertebral. It can occur during pregnancy due to the increase in hormones, incorrect posture and increased weight.

Turmeric is also a great thing to take for back pain, check out this article from Lyfe Botanicals on Turmeric.

I live in the mountains of Idaho, can CBD Oil help me with back pain?

When it comes to chronic back pain, CBD Oil and CBD Cream show promising results in terms of symptomatic relief, anti-inflammatory potential and analgesic effects. In short, it is worth talking to your doctor if you are not experiencing pain relief from other sources that you have tried.

The Current Neuropharmacology Journal noted that the use of CBD-based regimes offers pain relief and “suggest new therapeutic approaches to avoid the side effects on the central nervous system.”

With growing investigations on CBD and its potential, scientists are growingly developing a consensus on its healthy use, properties and advantages. The current evidence is in favor of its potential use for backpain.

Benefits without Psycho-activity

It is interesting to note that the demand for CBD (Cannabidiol) without psychoactive THC has grown exponentially after the recent buzz. To top it off, institutions, world organizations and health professionals have given their overwhelming endorsements. Particularly in the United States, THC-free Cannabidiol products have also won the trust of consumers.

The THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), is the psychoactive component of cannabis, which makes you feel “high”. In the US, the authorized CBD (Cannabidiol) must have less than 1% THC or none, which makes it completely safe for use. At the same time, it retains all its medicinal properties while preventing you from any mind-altering effect.

It is important that you correctly choose the CBD extract (Cannabidiol) that you will use – some brands or manufacturers leave traces of THC in their products, causing psychoactive effects.

CBD Officially Marked as “SAFE”

In 2017, the World Health Organization made it official that CBD (Cannabidiol) is NOT a Dangerous Substance.

“Cannabidiol (CBD), a NON-PSYCHOACTIVE molecule of the Cannabis plant is NOT a dangerous substance – on the contrary, it has a high potential as a natural and herbal option.” Cannabidiol oil can be an integral part of our lifestyle – it’s used by thousands and people daily without reports of any adverse reactions.

It’s an International Favorite!

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD (Cannabidiol) from the list of banned substances.

WADA lists this non-psychoactive component of the Cannabis plant as an exception. While CBD will no longer be banned, the current ban still applies to THC. The neurogenerative and pain relief capabilities found in the CBD have attracted the attention of several athletes from different disciplines. We see some of the greatest names using CBD oil regularly, including UFC players, boxers and the National Football League (NFL) due to high impact sports.

My Insomnia Fix complies with all the guidelines and offers high-quality products with ZERO THC. Order your bottle now on our online store and get our exclusive CBD products in Idaho.


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