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Life is Stressful!


100% CBD
$ 59
1 month supply
  • Reduces Anxiety, Pain, insomnia and inflammation
  • 100% Pure CBD with 'Zero High'
  • Helps with Inflammation

Delta 8

Available in Gummies or Oil
$ 64
1-2 month supply (30ml)
  • Hailed as the 'Next Big Thing' in the CBD Market
  • Say Goodbye to Anxiety
  • Gives a "Happy Buzz" for hours
Chill Pill!

DEEP Sleep

For Insomniacs
$ 75 30 Days of Amazing Sleep
  • Contains CBD, CBN and Delta 8
  • Specifically formulated to give you 8 hours of Great Sleep!
  • Comparable to Cannabis Indica
Get ZZZ's

Want to be living a more healthy and less stressed out life in the next 30 days?  It starts with SLEEP and healthy living choices!  

Sleep is our bodies natural time to recharge and rejuvenate.  Unfortunately, too many people struggle with getting or staying asleep and too much stress in their life.

The Coundown has Begun!

Are you ready to be Living a More Rested and Better Life in the next 30 days?


Say No to Mediocrity

Our Premium-Grade Delta 8 & CBD Oil Our lab-certified Delta 8, CBD and THCP Blends are masterfully formulated to help you with stress, assist your sleep, and alleviate your pain. Get our Premium-Grade Cannabinoids packed with high-quality CBD, Delta 8 and THCP today!
" I can finally Sleep Again! The Deep Sleep blend has been amazing to get to sleep, stay asleep and wake up refreshed. "

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About MyInsomniaFix

My Insomnia Fix has a history of being dedicated to the CBD and Hemp market alone because that’s what we do best! We research and develop our products carefully and always come up with the star products.   Although we are quite innovative the roots of cannabis therapy go back thousands of years! 

We have years of subject-specific research and information that we share on our website for free. Here at MyInsomniaFix, we have our USA-made CBD and Delta 8 products tested to verify their contents – that means you’ll never get more or less THC than you bargained for. If you’re looking for a safe, legal, and highly effective experience with our Delta 8, CBD, and THCP, My Insomnia Fix is just the perfect place to get started!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a bottle today and give it a try!  Sign up for our newsletter below to keep up to date and enjoy our amazing deals and offers!

Cannabis and Leaves

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Try Delta-8 Gummies
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Try Delta 8 Oil
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Common CBD and Delta 8 Applications 

Cannabis Sativa Leaf
  • Helps with Insomnia – a lot!
  • In some medical studies has been shown to Help Quit Smoking
  • Mitigate fibromyalgia Symptoms
  • Helps with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • May be beneficial as a natural supplement for epilepsy and seizures
  • People report reduced anxiety, chronic pain, and oftentimes less problems with depression
  • Helps stop RLS or Restless Leg Syndrome

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Orders over $75 ship free!  For orders less than that, shipping is $4.50 for the continental US 

Yes!  Our hemp comes from organically certified farms in the Midwest. 

MyInsomniaFix products are all lab tested and made with organic MCT oil and pharmaceutical grade Delta 8, CBD, CBN and other Cannabinoids.

Yes!  CBD products are legal on the federal level in all 50 states. Delta 8 is legal as well but State Laws change a lot, and if you’re state bans Delta 8 please do not order from this website.

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