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CBD and Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia – The effect of medical CBD on fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a disorder that causes severe pain at various points in the body accompanied by chronic fatigue, mood swings and other problems. The term fibromyalgia was coined in 1976, which means muscle pain, including its fibrous connective tissue.

Fibromyalgia is a disease belonging to a variety of rheumatological diseases under the category of autoimmune disease. The most common signs of fibromyalgia are muscle pain in many parts of the body. Touching or pressing the sensitive area creates a dull ache and a feeling of pressure in the patient’s body. Usually, the vulnerable points in the fibromyalgia’s frame are fixed and symmetrical points on both sides of the body.

Apart from this, other signs indicate the disease:

Stasis: Certain stagnation in the movements of the hands and feet, especially after getting up from sleep or prolonged periods of lying down.

Paresthesia: This is a symptom of loss or return of partial sensation.

May be expressed by tingling, tickling and stabbing feeling.

The symptom of predisposition does not have long-term physical consequences and may be short-term or chronic.

Depression and anxiety: Depression and anxiety can occur in fibromyalgia patients and worsen due to constant pain.

Fatigue: Fatigue is evident most of the time in the body of fibromyalgia fatigue patients interpreted as chronic fatigue.

Inflammatory joint diseases: In patients with fibromyalgia there is a tendency to develop arthritis pain, which is interpreted as arthritis requiring medication. However, they should be distinguished from rheumatoid arthritis as well.

Sleep: Fibromyalgia patients are characterized by an intense desire to sleep most of the day without any connection to the effort or physical activity they have taken on.

One of the hypotheses about the source of fibromyalgia is that the disorder causes increased sensory signals from the peripheral nervous system to the brain, causing severe pain.

As often as in any autoimmune disease, the stimulus that arouses the illness in the body of the “healthy” patient is a traumatic event such as a severe accident, deep emotional separation, surgery, etc.

However, symptoms of the disease can also occur in the patient’s body without any preliminary event.

In general, fibromyalgia has a higher prevalence among women and causes prolonged muscular pain of a dull nature, appearing in a simplified form and requiring treatment.

The effect of Medical CBD on Fibromyalgia

As is well known, people living with fibromyalgia receive “medication” to end their pain and continue their daily routine, but the pain does not always end there. Conventional medicines do help to relieve pain but do not address the emotional aspects experienced by patients with daily anxiety and depression, which generally increases.

In contrast to the conventional drugs offered by doctors, there is a natural drug that helps 100 per cent in treating both the physical and emotional aspects of fibromyalgia patients.

Medical CBD (cannabidiol) is a alternative treatment that can benefit people living with fibromyalgia who suffer from acute pain and does not produce almost any side effects, as opposed to the typical conventional drugs offered to people living with fibromyalgia.

CBD is a potential substitute for the range of conventional drugs offered by HMOs and hospitals as a solution to fibromyalgia and other chronic diseases.

After many studies in the field of CBD and its contribution to improving the condition of fibromyalgia patients, it has been proven that medical CBD contributes significantly to the improvement of the medical and mental health of people living with fibromyalgia who suffer from severe pain.

Many patients with medical CBD around the world report that there has been a significant improvement in the side effects of drugs taken in the treatment of the disease and there has been a substantial reduction in the use of painkillers.

The treatment with medical CBD helps the patient improve moods, improve appetite, dramatically decrease the level of addiction to painkillers and improve the physical and mental endurance of the patient, which allows them to maintain a normal life as an employee, parent or otherwise normally functioning person.

It should be noted that in the past decade, medical CBD has gained significant exposure and attention from the United States media and is already approved as a treatment for patients with fibromyalgia.


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