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A doctor in Australia discovered a foreign body in the sinuses of a 48-year-old. After it was removed and examined, it was found to be a balloon full of cannabis. You can find out how this came about here.

An ex-prisoner in Australia repeatedly complained to his doctor about breathing difficulties, inflammation of the nasal cavities and headaches. For years, the recurring symptoms were treated until an examination with the computer tomograph showed a foreign body clearly in the man’s head.

A balloon full of hemp buried in sinuses for over 18 years

A so-called rhinolith had formed in the man. A foreign body trapped in nasal secretions, and so on, grows until parts of the airways are blocked. If these do not resolve on their own, a doctor must intervene and remove the foreign body mechanically.

So also with the Australian. The doctor reports in the British medical journal (BMJ) about the unique case in which he had to remove a Rhinolite in the form of a balloon filled with marijuana. The balloon got into the nose to trigger various medical conditions, but the patient was able to resolve those himself.

Man smuggled balloon full of cannabis in prison

The patient stated that he was in prison 18 years ago and that his partner provided him with the drugs. To outsmart the strict controls, he hid the balloon (about 2 cm in length and 1 cm in diameter) deep in his nose so that he could later bring it out with sniffles and sniffs. When that didn’t work, he came to the conclusion that he must have swallowed the package unnoticed.

Since then, he has struggled repeatedly with inflammation and other upper respiratory diseases. The rhinolith was only discovered during a CT scan that was not related to the other ailments. Doctors said it would be the first known case of cannabis-based Rhinolite obtained in prison. Most often, Rhinolites are removed from toddlers who have pearled pearls up their noses.

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