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Multiple sclerosis (MS) is the disease with a thousand faces, and CBD-CBG oil combination shows promising results against the disease. The chronic autoimmune disease can take completely different forms. The complaints differ from patient to patient.

MS can effect the central nervous system (CNS) of our body. Particularly in the brain and spinal cord, inflammations occur in scattered areas that attack the electrically insulating outer layer of the nerve fibers. Damage to this layer means that the signals by the brain via the spinal cord do not reach the body. The consequences are, for example, abnormal sensations, increased stumbling or visual disturbances.


Research on MS and possible treatments is far from over. In recent years, we saw an increasing number of studies suggesting the relief of MS symptoms through the treatment of cannabinoids. The combination of cannabigerol and cannabidiol is particularly promising – precisely the combination of CBD and CBG that distinguishes My Insomnia Fix oils.

A group of Italian scientists published the results of a study last year that a combined administration of CBD and CBG has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects and is therefore a great option for the treatment of nerve inflammation.

Another group of Italian researchers published a study back in 2012 that reported cannabigerol (CBG) relieved nerve inflammation in chronic MS.

Even the pharmaceutical industry recognize the promising effects of cannabinoids against MS symptoms and is researching drugs that mimic the effects of the natural remedy.

Since the course and severity of MS varies from patient to patient, it is not yet possible to create a general description of the effects of CBD and CBG. However, the following is considered scientifically proven:

  • In one trial, CBD reduced damage to neurons and reduced inflammation in the spinal cord. According to various researchers, cannabidiol’s immunosuppressive, antioxidant and neuroprotective properties make it an effective active ingredient in the treatment of inflammatory processes caused by MS.
  • CBG can also prevent nerve cell death.


In addition to scientific studies, personal experiences speak for the positive effects of CBD and CBG on MS patients. My Insomnia Fix customer reports that the combined intake of the two cannabinoids can lead to astonishing treatment success in individual cases. He lived with his MS for seven years and provided us with two magnetic resonance tomography for this blog entry. He took the first shot before he started taking CBD and CBG. The doctors took the second picture six months later, which shows how much the inflammation foci receded during this time.

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Right now, in the gray and corona-shaded winter days, many people suffering from MS feel depressed, listless and dejected. The cannabinoids CBD and CBG can help prevent these first signs from turning into serious depression.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depressive disorders are the second most common disease; around 350 million people around the world now suffer from depression.

Usually only the use of antidepressants helps in the treatment of depression – even if these often cause side effects such as nausea, weight gain, insomnia, indigestion, and sexual problems.

Many sufferers are now also relying on plant-based alternatives such as CBD and CBG. While there are still no reliable findings, some scientific studies show positive effects of the two cannabinoids when used against depression.

The cannabinoids’ mode of action relates to the ability of the brain to absorb serotonin. A deficiency in the so-called happiness hormone plays a decisive role in the development of depression.

In addition to various promising studies, including a comparative study by the University of Rio de Janeiro, the experience reports also show the effectiveness of CBD and CBG in combating depression.

The positive effect of the hemp ingredients is likely mainly due to the anti-anxiety effect of cannabigerol and cannabidiol, which comes up as an evidence in numerous studies.

In addition, the two active ingredients of the My Insomnia Fix oils are conducive to a deep and continuous sleep, which is an important factor for well-being and inner balance.

The general relaxation that many users of CBD and CBG oil report could help combat depression more effectively – or, ideally, prevent it from occurring in the first place.


According to our customers, the CBG-CBD oils from My Insomnia Fix are suitable as mild and well-tolerated mood enhancers. It is therefore important to take precautions and start taking CBG and CBD at the first signs of depressed mood. In the best-case scenario, depression and sadness do not even turn into chronic depression.

However, caution is advised if you are already using chemically manufactured and prescription antidepressants: Cannabinoids can interact with other drugs. Therefore, first ask your doctor whether you can take the prescribed medication together with CBD and CBG.

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