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How Long and How Quickly does CBD Work?

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How Long and How Quickly does CBD Work?

The various positive benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) on well-being are undisputed, but many still have questions about how long CBD stays in the body and the effectiveness after taking it directly. The internet is full of the question: How long does CBD take to bring a noticeable change? Of course, this question is absolutely justified, because people have high expectations. Nevertheless, we have to emphasize at this point that it is difficult to have a say on this. Why? Because many factors play a role when it comes to medical terms, such as effect and duration of action. However, we can make good use of various testimonials that are reported by reputable users. And some studies can also help us make good statements.

When does the effect start with CBD?

In general, cannabidiol can help with a number of complaints, including various stressful conditions. For this reason, more and more people are trying to use this alternative method in addition to conventional medicine. People increasingly appreciate the beneficial and relieving effects of the cannabis plant. The CBD duration of action and the onset of the CBD effect depends on various factors, which we now want to explain in more detail.
How long does CBD take to work?

Hemp – the natural source of CBD

The source of CBD is not always just the cannabis plant. Common hemp is also a source of CBD. And manufacturers can usually use this more easily. However, most of the CBD that is used in medicine and medical applications comes from the cannabis plant. It is the least processed and therefore provides the purest form of CBD.

The reason for taking it

The reasons for taking CBD can be very different. While some want to use CBD for purely precautionary reasons to increase well-being, good mood or for evening relaxation, others pursue a very special health goal due to an illness. Yet, some try to control certain inflammatory processes in the body and others take CBD in addition to psychotherapy. So, it really matters why we are taking CBD when the question of the onset of the effect arises.

The pharmaceutical form

There are different ways to consume CBD. The best known is the CBD oil , which is now often available online. The advantage of the oil is that it is quickly absorbed through the mucous membranes and quickly reaches the bloodstream. An oral intake of herbal CBD product works perfectly. The best way to take it is sublingual, which means that we put a few drops of hemp oil under the tongue for up to one minute before swallowing. There are numerous blood vessels in the mouth and under the tongue, which can take the cannabidiol into the bloodstream. The swallowed oil is then further broken down and processed in the stomach. It is a practical, fast and equally effective method that increases bioavailability. The total oil absorption takes about 40-75 minutes, and the effect takes place after 15-60 minutes. The duration of this lasts in about 4-6 hours.

If, on the other hand, we swallow the oil directly and take it with food, it takes a little more time before the active ingredient gets into the bloodstream. Capsules with CBD and hemp seed oil are always a practical and equally reliable form of a pre-measured dosage with a constant level – it helps determine the pharmacokinetic parameters precisely. With capsules, it can take around 30-90 minutes for effects to show, the duration here being 6-8 hours. If we use the capsules with fats (e.g. hemp oil), there is a high bioavailability with the absorption through the gastric mucosa, which offers a greater benefit.

Vaporizing or smoking by inhalation also offers quick effects but has the disadvantage that the lungs are exposed to heat, tar or other by-products. Consistent dosing is also difficult to achieve.

Professional Carpet Cleaning After Christmas in Eden Prairie, MNCreams, ointments, balms, lotions and cosmetics with CBD which are applied to the skin for local relief develop local effects after approx. 15 minutes. Here the corresponding product is added topically, absorbed trans-dermally (via the skin) and the CBD does not get into the bloodstream. It is expected to last 2-4 hours. In principle, however, this is also about the external effect on irritated, flaky, and oily skin, or to activate the anti-aging effect.

Dosage and product

There is now a lot of choice on the market and many are quite promising, but there are at least as many inferior products. It is absolutely important to pay attention to the quality and manufacture of the product. It also matters how much cannabidiol is consumed at once. The appropriate dosage must first be found for each issue. If you are dealing with migraines, for example, you may not notice any effect at all with only 2-5 drops of CBD oil with 5%. If we then increase the dosage and the concentration, the desired effect may possibly occur.

The opportunities to use the health potential of CBD and other cannabinoids are numerous and new technologies and innovations appear every day.

The body

Every person processes the substances differently, and cannabidiol is no exception. Here, too, an active ingredient acts on an individual differently, and that is exactly what we must consider. The duration and onset of the effect are therefore different. This is certainly important to consider in along with the dosage. We can say that the dosage and its reaction to it is highly variable from person to person.

How long does CBD work in the body?

To round it off, we can expect it to last from 2 to 8 hours. How long the effect really lasts also depends on various factors. Depending on the receptivity of the person, the effect can last longer than others. The form in which we take CBD also determines the duration. So, it does matter whether the CBD is smoked or ingested by oil. It can also be taken with food supplements or cream.

There is an assumption that using CBD over a longer period of time also gives CBD a longer stay in the body. Therefore, we recommend to take CBD products 2-3 times a day.

For this reason, it is advised not to immediately compare yourself to other reports or people. Anyone who does this and does not feel the same effect quickly becomes dissatisfied. And that’s not it, at least not when you have already chosen the right product. Rather, it is worth experimenting with the dosage, getting involved with the CBD and taking it properly.

Then all you have to do is listen to yourself and pay attention to when and after how much CBD the effects show up. For example, many healthy people experience a calming effect in the body after only 30 minutes, so that they can fall asleep faster and better. Others need a high dosage to see an early effect. Pain is often relieved for only 1-2 hours, sometimes just a few minutes. On the other hand, the headache subsides and does not return.

It’s amazing how individual and versatile the CBD action works for the human body when you deal with it and get involved. So generally, always start with the doses as indicated.

In conclusion, it can be drawn that an exact or precise indication of the effect length of CBD can never be given.

In summary, the following factors play a role

  1. The health goal pursued
  2. The method of intake and the selected CBD product
  3. The dosage
  4. The individual consumer/body

Tips for the targeted use of CBD products

  • In order to ensure efficient use and to achieve optimal benefits, always pay attention to your body, your reaction and always use your own intuition.
  • CBD drops under the tongue have a very rapid onset of action, for many even within a few minutes.
  • Depending on the area of application and health goal, the onset of the effect and the duration play relevant factors and can vary.
  • Test the same amount of CBD for at least 2-3 days and start with a lower dosage than indicated.
  • Approach the ideal and optimal dosage step by step by slowly increasing the dose in gradual stages.


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