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How to lose weight with CBD

Can CBD Help with Weight Loss?

CBD oil and CBD based products for weight loss are getting a lot of buzz, but do they really work? For decades, the image of hemp has been associated with lean hippies. Nowadays, scientific evidence of these stereotypes is surfacing. It turns out that CBD can really help you lose weight.

Losing Weight with CBD Oil

According to research, the average consumer of CBD has a lower body mass index and waist size than the average person. This is even though CBD lovers eat 600 calories more per day on average. Also, CBD users are less likely to get type 2 diabetes, and their fasting insulin levels are 16% less than the average. The probability of obesity in these people is significantly less compared to nonusers.

A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology states that regular use of CBD reduces a person’s obesity.  For a little help with achieving your weight goals, check out these 20 great tips on losing weight.

How to lose weight with CBD?

In 2015, the scientific journal PLOS One presented a study conducted by the Hotchkiss Brain Institute, together with other American institutions. According to the findings of scientists, CBD reduces weight gain, fat mass, and energy consumption in fat rodents. Specially fattened mice received a specific dose of CBD daily for three weeks.

Interestingly, although CBD stimulated the active weight loss of fat mice, it did not affect the weight of the lean population. In the human digestive canal, there are almost 2 kilograms of live microorganisms. They work synergistically with the cells of the gastrointestinal tract, helping to digest food, maintaining the overall body health and causing weight loss or weight gain.

The study showed that CBD could change the intestinal microbiome, forcing it to work on gaining “normal” weight. For example, after a high-fat diet, CBD reduces the activity of microbes that stimulate weight gain in the digestive tract.

In fact, such conclusions are not at all surprising. It has long been known that CBD has strong antimicrobial properties. In the wild, it helps the plant to protect against pathogenic infections.

Which CBD product is more beneficial for weight loss?

CBD helps manage weight and maintain the balance of sugar in the blood. It combats inflammation of the pancreas and increases the body’s insulin sensitivity.

Among the CBD varieties, in our market, the most popular are:

Of course, CBD alone is not a panacea, and it does not waive off the benefits of other healthy activities. CBD Supplements, exercise, a balanced diet, proper sleep, and stress reduction are the key to proper weight management. The good news is that CBD can effectively help us with all the healthy habits mentioned above.


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