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  • Cannabidiol is sensitive to heat, so it should be stored in a cool place if possible.
  • CBD oil can become less effective in direct sunlight, so larger amounts are required.
  • Expired hemp oil no longer works so strongly and has changed in taste, but can be used without hesitation.

Like many plant compounds, high-quality CBD oil can lose its effectiveness if it is stored incorrectly. It can go bad, for example, when the CBD drops are placed on the windowsill, where they are exposed to constant sunlight. A shady, cool storage location is better because cannabidiol is sensitive to light. Heat can also be a problem for the active plant ingredient. So, don’t leave your CBD oil in the car, as temperatures can heat up drastically, especially in the summer months.

It is best to always store CBD oil in a cool place and protected from light, for example, in the refrigerator or the basement when ordering larger quantities over the Internet. Hemp drops can be kept as long as stated on the bottle, but they usually keep fresh for at least two years as long as the pack is still closed.

Store CBD oil in the refrigerator

For all dosage forms of cannabidiol, storage in the refrigerator is highly recommended because CBD is heat-sensitive and does not tolerate so much light. Although the CBD oil does not go bad quickly even if improperly stored. However, the valuable ingredients can be sensitive to incorrect storage. An opened bottle of cannabidiol should be used up within the next three months.

Most oils are cold-pressed and lose their aroma after this time has elapsed. If the heat is too high, the oil can then also go rancid. It then tastes slightly bitter and no longer exudes the familiar fragrance. The effect can be perceived as weakened, or after this time, a larger amount of CBD oil is required to bring about the desired effect.

When stored in the refrigerator, all-natural ingredients are preserved as well as possible, and the added vitamins do not evaporate as quickly when stored in the refrigerator.

How do I know if my CBD oil is spoiled?

The good news is that even if the CBD oil is spoiled, it is not toxic or harmful to health. Expired hemp oil doesn’t taste as tasty and doesn’t look as strong as freshly opened hemp oil. So, if you’ve accidentally taken expired CBD oil, you don’t need to see a doctor right away or worry about your health very much.

As with other vegetable oils, you should dispose of any hemp oil that has been stored beyond the expiry date with your household waste. Do not throw it down the drain to dispose of it via the sewage system. It is relatively difficult to filter out expired oil, whereas this is not a problem when disposing of small amounts of expired oil in the residual waste.

The drained vegetable oil can be wrapped in some kitchen paper to prevent leakage, which absorbs any drops and holds them securely.

Expired CBD oil can be used up without hesitation, but it loses its intense aroma and can taste slightly bitter. However, there is no health risk.

The correct storage of hemp oil ensures that your natural product stays fresh and edible for as long as possible. Instead of throwing away expired, bitter-tasting CBD oil, it can still be used externally. In the case of irritated skin, cannabidiol contributes to a rapid improvement in the symptoms; otherwise, it makes your skin healthy and give it more resilience and elasticity. For example, CBD oil can be applied under the eyes, where the beneficial effects when used regularly help counteract wrinkles and sagging skin when you lack sleep.

What about the shelf life of CBD crystals?

While there are various tips for hemp drops on how the products can be made more durable, CBD crystals can be stored much longer. However, the cannabidiol contained should be stored away from direct light exposure and excessively high temperatures to maintain the highest possible active ingredient content over the long term. When taking CBD crystals, these should be diluted in a little oil, as the body can then better absorb the natural plant matter.

It is unnecessary when using CBD oil orally, as these products already contain sufficient fat and therefore work immediately without further addition. CBD crystals don’t go rancid and are best kept under the tongue in the oral cavity for a few moments. Cannabidiol is already absorbed through the oral mucosa. CBD crystals can be finely grated; it is possible to suck them.

Cannabidiol does not pose a risk of addiction, neither physically nor psychologically. However, if tobacco is chosen as the carrier, it can lead to addiction if used regularly. Examples of non-addictive alternatives to tobacco are hops, sage, and chamomile.

Storing CBD oil in the office: tips for everyday work

At work, it can be hard to store CBD oil in the refrigerator. Some colleagues are only too happy to use food that does not belong to them. It is, of course, extremely annoying with a product like hemp oil. It is best to store your CBD oil in the office in a drawer right in your desk. It can be exposed to too much light on the tabletop and then not last as long as if it was stored in the dark.

It is best to keep the packaging if hemp oil is to be stored in the office. If it stays on the desk, ready to hand for a kick of freshness and more concentration while working, it will still be optimally protected.

Storing CBD oil in the car: not a good idea!

Cold outside temperatures in winter hardly interfere with the effectiveness of CBD oil, but virgin hemp oil can become slightly cloudy and a little thicker when it is cold, just like when it is stored in the refrigerator. It changes quickly when the oil is warmed to room temperature and has no influence on the intensity of the effect. However, from spring to autumn, the strength of the active ingredient may decrease if the car heats up too much.

It is best to always carry hemp oil in your handbag or backpack when you are out and about. The body heat can also cause such high temperatures in the trouser pocket that the cannabidiol oil spoils faster or the ingredients evaporate prematurely.

If CBD oil is to temporarily stay in the car, it can best be stored in the center console, but the car temperatures are also lowest in the footwell or trunk, as well as under the seats. In all these places, hemp oil is also exposed to a minimal amount of light.


There are many tips to keep the effectiveness and taste of hemp oil in the best possible condition for as long as possible. CBD flowers are prone to moisture, so CBD crystals should be taken with a small fat amount. CBD oil can be taken anywhere, and in the packaging made of opaque cardboard, the oil is well protected from the light on the go.

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