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CBD treats insomnia


Many people have insomnia and therefore resort to sometimes strong medication. Initial studies from the United States show that herbal CBD oil can also improve sleep and help those affected to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Sleep disorder is pervasive and includes various medical symptoms such as difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or the so-called daytime sleepiness. Depending on the definition, between four and 35 percent worldwide suffer from temporary or permanent sleep disorders in the broadest sense.

In many cases, people with mild sleep problems rely on tried and tested home remedies for sleep disorders or over-the-counter medication. If these do not help, prescription sleeping pills are often used by the doctor. However, these are not free from side effects and should be the last resort of treatment for various reasons (laziness, risk of addiction, etc.).

CBD oil appears to improve sleep

Data from a current consumer report shows that more and more people with sleep problems use plant-based CBD oils or other CBD products to fall asleep or stay asleep. The majority of the people surveyed claim to affect their sleep from taking it positively. So far, there have been no controlled clinical studies on this topic, and so only the subjective opinion of the test persons remains for the time being.

However, other research has also shown that the quality of CBD products plays a crucial role in ineffectiveness.

How cannabinoids affect sleep

It has long been known that the so-called endocannabinoid system has different effects on various functions in the human body. In addition to the perception of pain, sleep regulation is also changed, for example, because the cannabinoid receptors are distributed throughout the body. Nevertheless, they are centered in the nervous system and on the cells of the human immune system. When the cannabinoids dock on the receptors, they develop their effect.

So far, very few researchers have looked at the effects of isolated CBD on sleep disorders, and the studies and investigations that have been made on this topic so far are not representative due to their small size. US researchers have confirmed that CBD and THC are the two most frequently mentioned cannabinoids that can be used as natural sleep aids based on the medical literature of recent years.

THC as a sleep aid

Of course, science knows that THC is not a direct sleep aid – just like CBD. However, THC acts as a sedative and has other effects that are conducive to healthy sleep. Since CBD does not alter consciousness in the same way as THC, the question arises whether the non-psychoactive cannabinoid also works as a sleep aid on its own.

CBD study against anxiety and sleep disorders

A team of US researchers from Colorado examined this in more detail on psychiatric patients who received CBD for anxiety and sleep disorders as part of a clinical study. As the researchers in the National Library of Medicine report, anxiety decreased around 80 percent of the subjects within the first 30 days. Sleep improved in almost 70 percent of the test subjects. The researchers also report that the vast majority of them tolerated the phytocannabinoid well and did not experience any significant side effects.

Sleep better again with CBD oil

CBD oils are an over-the-counter plant-based oil. How well CBD oil helps with sleep disorders has not yet been scientifically researched. In the above studies, subjects were given either CBD-rich cannabis flowers to inhale, a medicinal isolate, or a CBD drug. Therefore, the knowledge gained cannot be transferred to CBD oils.

However, more and more experience reports in which people with problems falling asleep or staying asleep have positive reports about CBD oils. Accordingly, the body and mind calm down after taking a few CBD drops, enabling restful and deep sleep.

It has already been scientifically proven that CBD helps with anxiety. Since quite a few sleep problems stem from anxiety or stress, CBD oils could improve sleep.


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