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CBD helps heal fracture - bone healingIt seems as if the active ingredients in hemp are a bulging treasure chest for medical professionals. Israeli scientists have now found out that treatment with cannabidiol (CBD for short) heals broken bones significantly faster.

As has long been known, the use of cannabis can, in some cases, be medically appropriate. The active ingredients in hemp can help, for example, with multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, pain therapy, or psychological problems such as anxiety or sleep disorders.

Yankel Gabet and his colleagues from the University of Tel Aviv have now discovered another treatment approach with cannabis or with the active ingredient cannabidiol (CBD) it contains: the healing process for bone fractures is significantly faster and the affected areas in the bones are stronger and more robust. It means that, unlike before, they no longer break as quickly.

The scientists published their study in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research. They write that they administered rats either only CBD or a combination of CBD and THC for their research. The evaluation clearly shows that THC is not involved in bone growth. “We found that only CBD strengthens bones during the healing process. After the treatment, the healed bone is stronger and more resistant to breakage in the future,” says study leader Yankel Gabet.

The scientific explanation is pending

Even if the scientists around Gabet were able to confirm CBD’s effect on bone growth, they still have no idea exactly how this effect occurs. However, they suspect that the key lies in the receptors: “We respond to cannabis because our body has receptors that can be activated by components of the hemp plant,” explains Gabet.

CBD is also beneficial as an oil

There are different ways in which CBD can be administered. The Israeli scientists injected it in their study, but it can also be used in the form of oil to treat other ailments or diseases. CBD oil’s positive effect has been proven, for example, against acne, stress, overload, and nervousness. There are also initial studies that show that CBD oil is good prevention against diabetes. Israeli scientist Gabet concludes: “The medicinal potential of cannabinoid preparations cannot be denied.”

There are now many CBD products on the market, including capsules or as CBD ointment to rub in.

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