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The effectiveness of cannabis in the treatment of epilepsy has already been proven in numerous international studies. However, the cannabinoid CBD is now slipping into the research focus because initial experiments indicate that CBD oils can also alleviate or even prevent epileptic seizures.

The cannabinoid CBD seems to be a real wonder drug of nature. In recent years, researchers worldwide have repeatedly reported in renowned scientific journals about the newly discovered positive effects of CBD products on the human body. For this reason, the global demand for the cannabinoid is also increasing – high-purity CBD oils are incredibly popular with consumers.

In addition to reducing aggression, CBD can also help with itchy rashes, gastroparesis, or anxiety disorders – to name just a few examples. Now, medical professionals from the University of California investigate whether CBD can be used to treat epilepsy. There were two main reasons for this:

  1. In a 2015 survey, parents said that taking CBD reduced their seizures in their children with epilepsy. However, this was only the parents’ perceived opinion, with no scientifically proven data.
  2. The current study by the physicians has a significant effect on rats. Why shouldn’t CBD have the same impact on humans?

Several non-representative CBD studies have also shown a positive effect on epilepsy patients in recent years. What is entirely new this time is that the US doctors working with Marc Mascal and Nema Hafezi used synthetically produced CBD for their study. However, to do this, the researchers first had to develop a method of artificially stimulating the cannabinoid.

Benefits of synthetically produced CBD

Although pure CBD has no intoxicating effects on the consumer, there are countries with legal restrictions on CBD products. A significant advantage of synthetically produced CBD (also called H2CBD or 8,9-dihydro cannabidiol) is that the molecule differs minimally from the cannabis plant’s natural variant. Since this form does not occur chemically in nature, it is not subject to any legal restrictions. Another advantage of the synthetic CBD is that no plants have to be grown to produce it. It saves work and protects the environment.

Great success in treating epilepsy

The doctors carried out their study on a total of 60 male rats. They report that the synthetic CBD achieved almost the same medical success in tests as natural CBD or cannabis: the frequency of epileptic seizures fell sharply, and the intensity of the remaining attacks decreased significantly. Although only an animal study, the researchers are convinced that the same effect can be observed in humans.

The university also shares the researchers’ views and already holds a patent on H3CBD, the new synthetic CBD, which is to be used as an anti-epileptic. Clinical studies on humans should follow soon, it said.

Natural CBD seems to be more effective

As can be seen from the current study and an older Brazilian study, synthetic CBD has a similar effect to natural CBD from the cannabis plant – but only a similar outcome. As scientists from Brazil finally write in their study, natural CBD products were more effective than isolates or artificial imitations.


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