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CBD and Anxiety


Social anxiety disorder significantly restricts affected people in their everyday lives. A current study by the University of Leipzig has now examined whether the cannabidiol CBD can alleviate social phobias’ symptoms.

In recent years, the use of cannabidiol CBD has increased enormously. For this reason, CBD has slipped more into the focus of science, and researchers from various universities and institutes have been able to confirm or refute the effect of CBD oil in numerous studies.

Currently, students at the University of Leipzig have found out in a clinical study that CBD can help patients with social phobia cope better with the sometimes-tricky everyday life. According to official information, around seven percent of citizens currently suffer from mild to severe anxiety disorders. However, experts suspect that the number of unreported cases is about 12 percent. This social phobia is very different. For example, patients fear that others will perceive them as strange. Many of those affected fear being seen as embarrassing or ridiculous. Others, however, are terrified to be the center of attention or to embarrass yourself in public. With these people, social phobia, if they are in public, is always present and affects everyday life very much. Whether visiting a restaurant, speaking to strangers, or looking into a changing room with new clothes – fear is a constant companion.

The symptoms are also pervasive. They range from harmless blushing and tremors to cramps and nausea. An increased urge to urinate or defecate is not uncommon with social phobias. Over time, those affected withdraw more and more from public life and begin to isolate themselves on a social level. However, this behavior ensures that the fear and symptoms only intensify.

Clinical CBD study with a control group

The students were able to find 40 subjects for their clinical CBD study. At the beginning of the course, the study participants had to determine their fear values. A second assessment of the feelings of fear was carried out after the 30-day treatment with CBD oil. During the study, a total of three participants dropped out for private reasons: one from the group that was treated with CBD, two from the placebo group. During the study’s duration, the subjects received two drops of CBD oil or a placebo five times a day.

CBD oil significantly reduces anxiety

After the students had evaluated all the data after the study, it turned out that the initial fear values of the subjects who received the real CBD oil improved significantly. The initial score averaged 4.1 out of 5 (great malaise). After treatment with CBD, the value dropped to 3.2. In the control group, however, there was hardly any improvement in anxiety.

In conclusion, it is clear to the study leaders that CBD can improve people’s symptoms with social anxiety disorders. Anyone with social phobia can theoretically try it out for themselves. A consultation with a family doctor would still be advisable.

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