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  • -16%Delta-8 Gummies

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    Delta-8 is a close cousin to Delta-9 which is THC.  For the ultimate ‘happy buzz’ try this one out.  Don’t be fooled by cheap prices which only have 5 or 10 gummies!  This bottle contains 20 gummies at 25mg each!

    This product can be psychoactive!! These things are an amazing blend of mildly psychoactive and taste great!  They just give you a solid relaxed and happy buzz.  EACH gummy is 25mg so be careful!  Serving size is 1 gummy 🙂

  • -19%Delta8-THC Oil

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    Delta 8 THC is amazing stuff, it is psychoactive. You should not take it if you have to drive or operate machinery. Delta 8 is 100% legal!  Delta 8 is usually present in low concentrations in hemp. It is available both medicinally and for recreational use. This cannabinoid binds to the CB1 and CB2 receptors.

    This oil contains a Delta 8 concentration of over 33mg/mL. A full dropper full is 33mg which is really strong! Start with a half dropper or less and work up from there!

  • -19%Deep Sleep Blend - CBD, CBN & Delta 8

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    For those who have trouble at night but want to stay all natural and don’t want to take prescription drugs. This bottle has a whopping 1000mg of cannabinoids.  It contains 500mg of CBD, 250mg of CBN and 250mg of Delta 8. 

  • -16%Delta-8 Softgels

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    Delta 8 is a close cousin to Delta-9 which is the famous Delta-9 THC.  For the ultimate ‘happy buzz’ try this one out.  Our customers also say they get the best and most refreshing night they have ever had after taking this 1 hour before bed time.  A word of caution, this product can be psychoactive!! Do not drive or operate machinery after taking Delta 8.  Delta 8 THC is available in both gummies and oil which is citrus and tastes great! (the softgels are tasteless).  All of these products give you a solid and happy relaxation buzz.  Each softgel is 10mg, each gummy is 25mg and 1 dropper of the Delta 8 oil is 33mg.

  • -20%Max - a 1500mg CBD Oil

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    Our ‘CBD MAX’ Blend is for those wanting a high potency CBD oil. This product contains straight CBD straight from hemp farms that grow it right here in the Midwest. We guarantee this to be top quality and with a very mild citrus taste.  We go the extra mile and triple refine this oil for a very mild citrus taste.

    These products are made from triple refined hemp oil and lab certified.  This is the result of over a year of product R&D and we are proud of it.

  • -23%HHC Disposable Vape Pen

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    Try the new cannabinoid on the block, HHC is similar to Delta-8 but does not give you the tired feeling.  Fast acting with the disposable vape pen included.  If you like Delta8 and THC this is quite similar – Try today!

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