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To the classic question “How long can Delta 8 oil actually be kept?” there is only one correct answer: “It depends.”

As a rule of thumb, Delta 8 oil has a shelf life of 1 to 2 years. In this article we will tell you how long the fine drops actually work and under what conditions.

Delta 8 THC oil shelf life

Important factors for durability

The first step in looking for evidence of the shelf life of Delta 8 oil is to look at the label. A best-before date is usually listed there but not always. You can rely on it if the product was still originally sealed and properly stored. Most of the time, the product is also effective beyond that. But how long can you use opened Delta 8 oil?

Even after opening the bottle, you can keep Delta 8 oil for several months. If a long shelf life is important to you, for example, because you do not consume Delta 8 oil regularly, then you should pay attention to a few criteria when buying:

  • Quality: With Delta 8 drops, choosing a high-quality product pays off not only in terms of effectiveness but also in terms of shelf life. The quality of the hemp plant and its growth conditions have an impact on the shelf life.
  • Ingredients: The more ingredients there are in a product, the more individual expiry dates there are. If an unnecessary aroma gives it up before the Delta 8 expires, the whole product becomes unusable.
  • Extraction process: The CO2 extraction is not only particularly gentle in terms of the quality of the extracted cannabinoids, but also advantageous in terms of shelf life. The ingredients we get in this way remain stable for longer.
  • Packaging: Delta 8 oil manufacturers not only rely on brown or purple glass bottles because of their appearance. The tinted glass protects the oil from light and prevents the premature degradation of the active ingredients. In addition, the vials are airtight, which also extends the shelf life. If the product has an outer box, keep it for further storage!

Another important factor for the shelf life is the correct storage of your Delta 8 drops, because the natural enemies of Delta 8 are light, heat and air. But more on that later!

How do you recognize expired Delta 8 oil?

The good news: Not much can happen if you consume expired Delta 8 oil. That means it is not harmful, but you can no longer expect a (full) effect either. How do you know whether Delta 8 oil belongs in your body or better in the sink? There are 3 criteria that you should check for this:

  1. Smell: Fresh Delta 8 oil has an earthy, but never unpleasant odor. If your Delta 8 oil smells musty, it has failed the odor test and is unfortunately over.
  2. Consistency: If your Delta 8 oil is thick, cloudy and dark, that is not a good sign either. Whereby a little cloudy alone is not the decisive factor – this can also happen if the temperature is too low (e.g., storage in the refrigerator). After a few minutes at room temperature, however, the oil should have returned to its old shape.
  3. Taste: Fresh Delta 8 oil tastes nutty, earthy and a bit like grass. If your oil tastes rancid or just disgusting, then throw it away!

Storage Tips

The three magic words for the correct storage of Delta 8 oil are: cool, dry and dark. The sun and heat mean the end of all active ingredients. Storage in the refrigerator is not required, but possible. Actually, storage at room temperature (up to 78 degrees) is sufficient.

The original packaging of Delta 8 oil in dark glass bottles protects the oil from light, but also seals it airtight – so please no unnecessary refilling operations! And a certain amount of hygiene and cleanliness is also essential if you want to enjoy your Delta 8 oil for a long time: Make sure that the pipette stays clean and that you do not import germs and bacteria from the mouth into the vial with a pipette!

Conclusion: Shelf life of Delta 8 Oil

If properly stored, Delta 8 oil has a life expectancy of 1-2 years, sometimes even longer. It doesn’t get bad in the sense of being harmful – it just wanes.

You can easily tell from the smell, consistency, color and taste whether your Delta 8 oil is still in the green area. For the correct storage – both of freshly purchased, originally closed products and after opening a bottle – the formula cool-dry-dark applies. With proper care, you can enjoy the full effect of your Delta 8 drops for as long as possible.


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