Deep Sleep Blend - CBD, CBN & Delta 8
DEEP Sleep Blend
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DEEP Sleep Blend



Our Deep Sleep Blend is for those who have trouble getting shuteye but want to stay all natural and don’t want to take prescription drugs. This bottle has a whopping 1000mg of cannabinoids.  It contains 500mg of CBD, 250mg of CBN and 250mg of Delta 8.  Both CBN and Delta 8 have sedative properties.


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The ultimate ZZZ enhancer!  Our ‘DEEP’ Sleep Blend contains 1000mg of CBD, CBN, and Delta 8.  All have powerful sleep enhancing properties.  This blend is a mild citrus flavor.

This is one of our custom formulations – ‘Deep Sleep’ blend with CBN -> formulated for insomnia and sleep problems – it contains:

Try the ‘Deep Sleep’ blend for getting those precious zzz’s at night. This blend comes with CBN and the new kid on the block – Delta 8, you can also check out our Common Questions on CBN. Delta 8 can be slightly psychoactive and is a powerful sleep enhancer.  This blended CBD Oil and has a very mild and agreeable Citrus taste which comes from triple refining the Hemp Oil which gets rid of that ‘hemp-e’ taste.  If you need some guidelines on dosages with CBG oil products ask our staff doctor Dr. Rodriguez when she is on chat.

Delta 8 is the all the rage now and can be read about here.  We guarantee this to be top quality and with a very mild citrus taste.  We go the extra mile and triple refine the Minnesota Grown CBD oil that this product is made from.  If you want just Delta 8 it’s available in Oil Tinctures, D8 gummies and D8 softgels.

After a lot of R&D we figured out all the ins and outs of what works when you are fighting insomnia.  There is an amazing difference in quality among different manufacturers and to us quality matters!  We took what we learned and created a series of custom products that are available now!  The hemp we use is grown right here in Minnesota, professionally extracted and formulated by our friends at Crested River Cannabis Company.

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