THCP Gummies
THCP Gummies
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THCP Gummies




10 CBD and THCP gummies we recommend starting with a half gummy.  So this bottle is really about 20 servings – the same as our Delta 8 Gummies.  THCP is pretty strong stuff in our experience.  We’ve formulated this to have the same ‘kick’ as our delta 8 gummies.  It is psychoactive, but THCP is NOT in the list of ‘Schedule A’ or controlled substances. THCP gummies are completely safe and legal. However, we would still recommend you to check the local regulations and laws of your state just to be sure. You can openly purchase THCP gummies without any prescription.

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To get the best possible insight into the effects of THCP, we have read through and looked at our various THCP gummies experiences. Here is what our customers and users have to say about the product.

The most interesting was a YouTube video review of a user who took THCP gummies to share his experience. So, according to him, you get a mild high that puts you in the mood, gets you relaxed and gives you a fun buzz. He recommends using it if you’re looking for some fun over the weekend instead of a drinking spree that makes you feel awful in the morning.

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