50mg Muscle Relief CBD Bath Bomb: (Pack of 2)
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50mg Muscle Relief CBD Bath Bomb: (Pack of 2)



Each is sold as a pair for at least 2 baths worth!  You could easily stretch this to 4 baths. Makes a great holiday gift or stocking stuffer!

Our Muscle Relief Bath Bomb is the ultimate combination of essential oils and CBD for max relaxation. We carefully selected each oil to offer the best experience to you.  We have two options: Lavender with 25mg of CBD or Muscle Relief with 50mg of CBD.

The Muscle Relief Bath bomb contains 50mg of CBD, Copaiba, Panaway and Lemongrass Essential Oils and our proprietary blend of other ingredients to make your bath experience stand out!

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How it works: This bath bomb was created with total happiness in mind. The essential oils give your bath a lovely scent and have value of their own.  Infuse the product with a hefty 50mg of CBD and you have the icing on the cake – or should we say the extra punch to melt your muscles and enhance you’re overall bath experience. Each of these bath bombs is more than a scent, it is an experience.  This 2 pack of bath bombs makes a great stocking stuffer for those hard to shop for relatives at Christmas time!

The Science: So why would you use a bath bomb infused with essential oils? And why would you add the amazing effect of CBD to it?  Your skin is your largest organ and is a powerful tool for absorbing cannabinoids and topical CBD products soak in great (try the CBD massage oil here). As you soak in the luxury of your tub, your body absorbs the essential oils and the CBD, like a sponge. A cannabis bath bomb is a full-body topical application that allows for unparalleled all-over relief.  It’s the best of both worlds – CBD and Essential Oils!  Our essential oils are from Young Living – a very well respected brand.

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