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The Amazing Benefits of CBD against Insomnia

CBD is Literally ‘My Insomnia Fix’

In the constantly connected world we live in more and more people have trouble getting to sleep at night.  The fancy term for this is insomnia, and insomnia is a growing epidemic in today’s world  It can severely impact our life and health. Before beginning to analyze the relationship between sleep and CBD, it is worth noting that CBD is the legal cannabinoid derived from hemp and its responsible for the therapeutic effects of the plant.  CBD has innumerable medical uses, but this time we will refer exclusively to its results against insomnia. If you want more information do not hesitate to consult our article about CBD.

CBD is the Natural “Heal” without the “High”

Insomnia vs. CBD

Many people suffer from insomnia, a disease that prevents us from falling asleep and this can be a real problem. Not sleeping sufficiently at the right time prevents us from restoring the mental and physical energy required for us to carry out the activities we have planned for the day. Insomnia can negatively influence our performance and cause stress, anxiety and other physical and emotional disorders. For most of us, insomnia can be real torture.

However, what many do not know is that CBD can naturally help fight insomnia quickly, economically, naturally, directly and much less aggressively. Compared to other drugs that have several side effects, CBD does not cause any severe and long-term side effects in our body.

CBD increases the cycles of deep sleep and reduces the REM phase in which dreams and nightmares occur. This can be very interesting for people suffering from post-traumatic stress, and the nightmares do not let them sleep usually.

The effect of CBD on Sleep

The effect of CBD is very relaxing – almost like a sedative. Moreover, it can be consumed without smoking, using good drops of CBD oil or e-liquids for electronic cigarettes. Even it helps to quit smoking. These are just a few reasons why the CBD is an unbeatable ally to combat insomnia and restore natural sleep cycles. Some studies conducted in the United States place cannabis as one of the most used methods to fall asleep better than any other synthetic drugs.

How does CBD influence our body?

The close relationship between the CBD and the endocannabinoid system is responsible for the effects of this plant. Both elements interact with the receptors of our brain. Consequently, it alters our mental-physical state, modulating our appetite, the sensations of pain, mood, anxiety and our sleep cycles.


CBD establishes deeper cycles, generating an optimal sleep for the correct functioning of the human body.

Can I take Cannabis oil and Sleep?

We have noticed that many people wonder if cannabis oil can also promote sleep. In our opinion, the simple answer is yes. However, we also know from experience that cannabis oil is not usually necessary to get a good night’s sleep. Good and pure CBD is often enough. The advantage of the CBD compared to cannabis oil (where THC is the most critical component) is that the CBD does not have addictive effects and no side effects.

Cannabis Oil has small amounts of Psychoactive THC, and pure CBD has no Psychoactive effects

Cannabis oil vs. CBD: CBD Wins

This is one reason why CBD is preferred over cannabis oil. Besides, there is also the case that cannabis oil is not legally available for sale in many places. On the other hand, CBD oil is entirely legal and readily accessible. We believe that the contents of CBD products should be verified and must be 100% safe. For this reason, we do not offer cannabis oil, and we recommend the use of CBD products we offer that are that are 100% safe and verified.

CBD Side effects and Safety

There are NO known side effects of CBD.

However, it is essential to consider the right dose. Please keep in mind that some of the products that contain the CBD do not only include CBD. It may also include other cannabinoids, such as CBN, CBV, and CBG. This applies to the CBD oil and the CBD capsules offered by many brands. However, at My Insomnia Fix, we only provide unique products that are sure to have no side effects. We recommend you always to increase it a little. 2 to 3 drops per day is often enough for effect.

Experiences with CBD oil

We hear almost every day that people sleep much better when they use CBD. Have you tried the CBD oil yet? Feel free to share your experiences with us.

We are offering a free consultation service for a limited time for people willing to know about CBD. If you want to learn more about the fantastic benefits of CBD, send an email to our CBD expert right now for a free consultation and get all your questions answered.


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