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CBD & The Entourage Effect

CBD & The Entourage Effect


With the passing of the Farm Act, CBD has won a major battle regarding controversy and legality. Hemp Oil (or CBD Oil) is gaining increasing support as a health supplement, and many scientific studies are supporting that. Right now the hemp oil market is witnessing massive growth and people are going gaga over Hemp Oil (or CBD Oil). (Technically, all Hemp Oil contains CBD so it’s CBD oil as well – hence the name).  Why is this substance so popular? Hemp Oil has a potential to make a massive difference in the treatment of many health problems – whether you need it for Insomnia, treating symptoms of many illnesses or just to help with daily aches and pains. A few drops of CBD oil can take down your chronic joint and back pain; and even help you overcome insomnia and sleep disorders as a natural sleep remedy.

It’s interesting how much proper sleep can energize your mornings and essentially vitalize your lifestyle. Imagine getting up for a long day at work without feeling groggy with a satisfying smile on your face after an amazing nights rest. I would definitely love that, won’t you? If that’s the power of CBD, there is no point in not giving it a shot.

Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum? What’s the Difference?

Before CBD became available, this was only possible with powerful sleep medications which oftentimes have bad side effects.  Before you get started with your CBD oil shopping, it’s a good idea to learn a little about the types available out there. So today, we’re going to answer that one important question you’ll repeatedly face while buying hemp oil: What is broad-spectrum vs. full spectrum CBD oil, and what are the differences between them? Here we’re going to have an in-depth comparison of Full-Spectrum Vs. Broad-Spectrum and a bit of a CBD Vs. THC. We’re also going to put in some information on CBD oil isolates and the best CBD Oil options for you.

What Full Spectrum CBD Oil Has To Do With Entourage Effect?

Full Spectrum Symbol
Full Spectrum CBD Oil contains other Cannabidiols, including trace amounts of THC

If you’ve been looking to purchase CBD oil lately, you must have come across terms like Full Spectrum CBD oil and Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil; but what is it really? It’s quite simple. In a nutshell, Full Spectrum CBD oil is a cannabis extract that contains the whole plant extract, including cannabinoids, terpenes, health fatty acids and flavonoids. Obviously, CBD is not the only compound present in the hemp or cannabis plant.

All of these constituents have their own benefits, and full-spectrum CBD oil even gets better than this. If you’re wondering about THC cannabinoid and the psychoactive “high” in full-spectrum CBD oil, there is good news. You don’t have to worry about THC and psychoactive effects because even Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil has a little or no THC content. According to scientists, that “little” (less than .3%) THC content is actually beneficial because it’s too little to cause any high and quite sufficient to enhance the therapeutic effects of CBD with a synergistic process called the “Entourage Effect”. Yes, it’s a funny name but in simple words, it means that a little bit of cousin THC could be a slight push of encouragement for CBD to work better.

In a nutshell: Full Spectrum 1, Broad Spectrum 0. Let’s try to score a bit on Broad Spectrum CBD oil now.

Difference Between Broad Spectrum & Full-Spectrum CBD Oil’s Entourage effect

Broad Spectrum is Totally THC Free!
Broad Spectrum is Totally THC Free!

The primary difference between Full-Spectrum oil and Broad-Spectrum CBD oil is that Broad Spectrum CBD oil contains no THC at all. Which to us is a little counterintuitive with the name but we don’t decide these things!  It may have other contents, such as terpenes, but THC is completely removed through an additional process. This process helps in removing THC and isolating the other important cannabinoids. The entourage effect is compromised but it’s a better choice for people who must avoid even the trace amounts of THC in their body.  Obviously, someone who needs to pass drug tests on a regular basis is better off with this type of CBD Oil.  However, most drug tests will not even register Full Spectrum CBD Oil because the THC present is such a minute amount.  Still, some people prefer to play it very safe.  On our website look for the ‘THC FREE’ image when you roll over the product pictures to see if the product you are looking at is Broad Spectrum and THC free.

In a nutshell: Full Spectrum 1, Broad Spectrum 1. Broad-Spectrum is perfect to avoid trace THC in your body.

What’s the best option for me?

Well, that’s a tricky question. Why not try both and see which one is a better fit? It’s difficult to tell which CBD oil would suit an individual better. That should be mostly about your personal experience. Full-Spectrum will have an enhanced effect due to entourage effect, while broad-spectrum would keep you from even trace amounts of THC.

To make things simpler, we suggest you to go for Broad-spectrum if you have any personal, medical or legal reasons to avoid THC. Otherwise, Full-Spectrum might give you a much better overall experience. A study also reported isolated CBD oil could be a better option for short-term anti-inflammatory action against an acute condition. Visit our CBD Oil Shop now and browse through some of the best quality CBD Oil products out there.

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