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WHO says CBD is safe


There is a lot going on about CBD right now. This substance, which, like the addictive THC, is obtained from hemp, according to some studies, can be rated as safe. Therefore, preparations that contain CBD are now also freely available in the US. They do not even require a prescription as they are not considered medicinal products, but dietary supplements. Of course, everyone knows that over-the-counter drugs can damage the body if the wrong dosage is used. How this works with CBD oil will be described in more detail later. First, we want to report on the possible health-promoting effects of cannabidiol.

The manufacture of CBD

The substance is made from the flowers of hemp plants. The manufacturing process is very complex because all parts of the prohibited THC have to be filtered out. It leaves the pure cannabidiol that can be used for various physical problems.

Since the production is very complex and energy-intensive, there are also high costs. These are then also reflected in the end product. The cost of the CBD oil can be seen as a disadvantage. However, they are in the low range compared to other pain relievers and tranquilizers available over the counter.

Which health problems does it help with?

Since the CBD oil docks at crucial nodes in the human nervous system, it can help with many different health problems. The CBD oil is said to have a good effect on the following complaints:

Digestive problems
Exam anxiety
Inner restlessness
Pain of all kinds
Sleep disorders

However, there are other health complaints known where this substance can show excellent effects.

Where can I get CBD oil?

Since CBD oil is not a drug, it does not need to be purchased from a pharmacy. From a legal point of view, it is a dietary supplement and can therefore be offered by every shop. The oils are available in different concentrations.

It is recommended to work with a low concentration at the beginning. It is scientifically known exactly which processes in the body are triggered or influenced by CBD, but which amount helps with which complaints cannot be determined. It depends to a large extent on the constitution of the body. A tall, well-built person has a large body mass and needs more concentration than a small, slender person. Metabolism does not work in the same way for all people. Therefore, everyone should start therapy slowly and gradually approach the required level.

Can everyone take CBD oil?

Side effects or intolerance are not known or not sufficiently researched. However, caution is always advised if the person concerned is already receiving medical treatment. If you are already on meds, you should definitely consult your doctor. Since the CBD oil is not a drug, it is not checked for interactions with other drugs. Therefore, there is a possibility that it could impair the effectiveness of other drugs. However, the attending physician can decide whether or not problems might arise.

What Amount of CBD Oil Should I Take?

Anyone who wants to relieve their CBD oil symptoms also wants to know what amount of CBD oil he can or should take. A young person who is still totally fit can undoubtedly tolerate a significantly higher dose than an older person with a disturbed metabolism. Therefore, it is advisable to seek the attending physicianā€™s advice about the maximum daily amount. He knows his patients best and knows what to give and refuse to give them. So far, however, no cases of illness or the like due to an overdose are known.

CBD oil is an effective means of relieving various ailments. Since it is not a drug but a dietary supplement, it is over the counter and can be purchased by anyone. Although CBD comes from the hemp plant, it has absolutely nothing to do with the THC, which falls under the Narcotics Act. There is no risk of addiction, and consequential health damage has not been reported with the use.

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