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Delta-8 THC is making some impressive moves in the market and we can see its popularity rise among the cannabis community. What makes it so special? If you’re wondering what is delta-8 THC, this article is for you. We’ll discover some amazing benefits of Delta-8 THC in this article.

What is Delta-8 THC?

Be careful: do not confuse Delta-8 THC with Delta-9 THC – it would not surprise us if you did. Usually, when we talk about THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), we are talking about THC-9. Delta-9 THC is a psychoactive compound that is to blame, or mostly to blame, for the highs that marijuana produces. Less is known about Delta-8, but scientists believe that is has all the good things of Delta-9 but with properties similar to CBD. Is it the best of both worlds?

The question “what is delta-8 THC?” has a detail answer from scientific and technical perspective. Although the science doesn’t say much about this compound as of yet, it is one of the four most relevant of the more than 100 cannabinoids that marijuana naturally produces. It has psychoactive effects but is not as potent as Delta-9. It is also difficult to extract, isolate or refine. Either of these processes is expensive if you want a specific concentrate of this compound, but it seems that it is less laborious to extract than Delta-9.

Importance of Hemp Derived Delta-8 THC and its significance

All in all, Delta-8 is an extremely potent cannabinoid which dozens of potential health benefits to offer. It’s a CBD isomer that comes from CBD and hemp, and any product with delta-8 THC is federally legal for sale and purchase in the United States. The differences between Delta-8 and Delta-9 at the molecular level are slim. Both are made up of double chains. The number following the “Delta” is the carbon chain to which they attach. Outside of this, the binding process of the cannabinoid with our receptors is practically the same since both bind to CB1, which is usually the one that produces the psychoactive effects. However, as we will see, it is also the one that binds to CBD.

That said, the differences with CBD, although not excessive, are more notable than between the two “deltas”.

Hemp derived Delta-8 THC is psychoactive. You have a high chance that you will fail a drug test if you take it. It is usually present in low concentrations. It is available both medicinally and for recreational use. This cannabinoid binds to the CB1 and CB2 receptors.

CBD is not psychoactive (some tests claim that CBD is psychoactive, but at such a low level that it is not considered relevant). There is a low chance of failing a drug test. It is found in high concentrations. It is the cannabinoid in medicinal products. It binds to CB1 receptors.

Given the amount of THC in hemp derived Delta-8 and that hemp is legal in the US, it is not very clear if this compound is legal. In some states yes, in others no. However, generally speaking, Delta-8 THC, if it has less than 0.3% THC, should be considered legal.

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The benefits of delta-8 THC

Delta-8 is also another cannabinoid that has mild psychoactive effects. However, it is not as popular, probably because its psychoactive effect is less. Nonetheless, it’s a lot better than taking THC that makes you high, and it offers all the amazing benefits of CBD.

The studies with THC delta-9 are still in the dark (there are too many contradictions about its value as a medicine) and those of CBD are in full swing. Studies on delta-8 are even scarcer.

There is a seminal study from 1974 where delta-8 was given to laboratory mice. It was hoped to show how harmful delta-8 is. However, the study pointed to the possibilities of delta-8 for the fight against cancer. Another 1995 study involving Dr. Mechoulam (the person who discovered THC delta-9): This study came to say that delta-8 treatments had helped considerably in childhood cancer treatment.

The fundamental difference between delta-8 and delta-9 is that the former also has an analgesic function and it opens up the appetite. In that sense, it is more like CBD and helps control anxiety better than delta-9.


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