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Medical cannabis has been authorized in the United States. It may only be prescribed by doctors and only for certain indications. CBD in low doses, on the other hand, is over the counter and can also be used by healthy people to support and improve well-being. But what is it like as an athlete? Does it make sense to use CBD products? And what about doping controls? After all, it’s already in the amateur sector?


In the gym or on our running track, it’s all about the whole thing. We cannot carry around physical pain, tiredness, and stress as annoying companions.

Our body has a substance – the endocannabinoid anandamide – whose natural positive effects are enhanced by CBD. It is not for nothing that the name anandamide in Sanskrit means “the substance of happiness.” So why not help the feeling of happiness in training or competition a little?

And by the way, the CBD also can influence the regulation of our pain system. Thanks to its chemical structure, it can dock onto various receptors (such as the 5-HT receptor) like a railway wagon, thereby exerting a positive influence on our pain sensation, the cardiovascular system, and the defense against our body. Looks like we’re well prepared for a sporty start to the day.

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But what about our motivation? A remedy to swallow against the inner sloth? Unfortunately, we have to disappoint you there; medicine is not that simple! Let’s take a look at the prerequisites for a fully motivated jump in your training clothes. Sleep, above all, healthy sleep. Everyone who combines sport with a performance concept knows how important a rested body and mind is.


We at My Insomnia Fix want to offer you the best CBD products. We love our products and use them regularly. And if they had no added value for us, it would be difficult to convey this enthusiasm to you. If you want to buy a CBD gel or CBD oil, you are guaranteed to notice personal CBD oil experiences or a CBD effect of a CBD oil. Only these vary depending on the user and CBD application.

Take a look at our guide to better sleep. Then you understand that buying CBD oil alone is not enough. Assuming the right application at the right time, this can help you sleep. But if you also ensure a relaxing setting and adapt your evening rituals, you will notice the best possible sleep improvement.

In short, we offer you the best CBD products to support you. We have no incredible promises of action that will only disappoint you in the end. You will come across this in network research on the topic. With the advantage: you have informed yourself beforehand and do not fall for the black sheep of the industry!


Maybe you can still remember where the scar from your knee comes from and how much it bled. The skateboard has long been mothballed in the shed. But the chances to injure yourself have multiplied. The majority of injuries happen today in the home, immediately followed by sport. You can’t believe that your well-built body is arming you. Are we efficient and focused when we go to the gym or go on the slopes? You see, it’s very important to take care of yourself. The chances of you hurting yourself are pretty high. Accidents often happen due to carelessness.

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But what if there is a crack in the ankle and the pain makes us pale. Sports accidents mostly affect the bones and connective tissue that stabilizes the joints. That includes ligaments, muscles, and also tendons. Your cartilage can also be painfully affected.


Pain is important, even for the athlete. Pain shows the body where it can no longer take the pressure. Even before a serious injury occurs, pain arises from overuse. You can suppress these warning signals. There are plenty of cold sprays and pills. However, be aware that sooner or later, your body will pay you back for such behavior. If your sport and health are equally valuable to you, you should consider a different approach.

Once the leg is in plaster, and the doctor has to take care of you, pain gives you a clear announcement, “Nothing will work for a while.” However, no one will ask you to bend over in pain for days.


CBD can be a way to both relieve pain and support you in your healing process. The cannabinoid CBD doesn’t act like manslaughter on your pain receptors. Rather, it has the advantage of being able to alleviate the cause of the pain with its antispasmodic properties.

An injury often causes pain during exercise to the joints. The muscles and ligaments try to compensate for the hold lost due to the accident. That means they’re tensing up. The pain intensifies, which ultimately leads to permanent tension. If you manage to counteract this muscle tension in time, you can successfully alleviate the pain.

That is what it looks like if you try to do the training for a whole week in one day. Your body is unlikely to be up to this strain. The muscles are overworked just like you, and when they are in need, they start to hurt and cramp. That should keep you from working even more.

Our MyInsomniaFix CBD oil can now be used as a support. Its cannabidiol-based effect relaxes the muscles and reduces muscle soreness. You can even enhance its effect by the slightly warming capsaicin and the clove oil.


Just like pain, inflammation is an important factor in the healing process. The following happens with inflammation: Messenger substances are instructed by the brain to hurry to the injury and provide first aid. Typical signs of inflammation are swelling and overheating of the damaged parts of the body. Swelling is intended to prevent the injured joint from being moved further. Especially regular exercise up to the limit of performance will always result in injuries.

If the course has already been paid for or an important competition is imminent, there is often not enough time for recovery! Without taking CBD, the necessary medical measures can often take a long time.


A trip to our body’s defense factory shows how important cannabinoids are in inflammatory processes. We humans would have died out long ago, if not every person had his small hemp plantation in his body. The endocannabinoid system is an extremely complex construct and is a constant companion in our mobile emergency pharmacy. When we are in pain, it cares for us when to go to bed, and whether it is not time to eat. In short: it cares about our well-being.

The endocannabinoid system is constantly communicating with the body’s substances, such as the substance of bliss. Research has shown that cannabinoids, as contained in cannabis (CBD and THC), have a very similar effect. So, it makes sense to support the body’s cannabinoids with additional plant substances if necessary.


Muscle soreness is caused by the smallest tears in the muscle fibers. These micro-injuries result in more or less severe, painful inflammation. Who doesn’t know this when you hurt every movement after doing sports? The least trained muscle groups are always affected. If you know that you want to train muscles that have not been used for a long time, you can use CBD to prevent sore muscles by rubbing them before or after exercising.


A successful training program is based on the balance between exercise sessions and enough time for relaxation. You can get impatient at times with regular competitions. But regeneration is an extremely important component to prevent possible pain and inflammation.

The influence of herbal cannabinoids on our immune system is undisputed. If excessive inflammatory mechanisms are switched off, this has an equally beneficial effect on bones and connective tissue healing process.

In the zeal for training, psychological effects such as fear of failure and stress are often overlooked. Adequate sleep also contributes significantly to increased performance. Placebo-controlled studies have shown the anxiolytic effects of CBD. Even falling asleep was successfully treated with this hemp preparation. However, psychological problems, in particular, should not be dealt with exclusively with medicines of any kind. It is important always to consult an experienced psychotherapist or doctor.


Almost all injuries involve muscle involvement. Regardless of whether it is a bruise or an injury to bones or joints, the muscles are almost always involved directly or indirectly. In the event of an accident, the muscle tries to avoid the movement of the affected area by tensioning and protects the body from further serious injuries.

We feel this and hope for the beneficial hands of a physiotherapist. The first thing the masseur feels is your muscle – hard as a stone. Not very helpful! If you are lucky, you will meet an experienced therapist who can release your protective voltage.

However, you can do a little work for him in advance. My Insomnia Fix Xen Blend applied to the skin over the tense muscle can both accelerate and significantly improve physiotherapy. The antispasmodic effect of the CBD also comes into play with this use.


You will not run faster if you take CBD. However, you can work on the prerequisites for an increase in performance. As I said, the best athletic performance can be achieved through a balanced training program. Hard practice without bad luck, combined with a chilled program around it. Endurance is important not only when training but equally when relaxing. In addition to the desired success, there is a healthy diet and sensible addition to a carefully selected product.


CBD has not been publicized for too long. In contrast, the effects of marijuana have been known for millennia. Hemp leaves placed on injuries relieved the pain of warriors 5000 years ago. They were quickly fit again and could continue to participate in the fighting. Back then, it was a matter of war, but today it is sporting competitions that lead to injuries and a drop in performance.

For the generals in China and India, the end justified the means. In contrast, the list of banned substances in competitive sports is long. Hardly a week goes by without suspected doping.


Cannabidiol is legal, and you can buy it freely in the US in all shops and on the Internet. Different varieties exist in the genus hemp. The varieties have certain characteristics, and the THC content is one such characteristic. Hemp varieties with a content of more than 0.2% are referred to as intoxicants. If hemp has less than 0.2%, it falls into the field of commercial hemp, from which our products are made.

Back to the CBD. A CBD product can be distributed without difficulty if it is made from hemp and does not contain THC. You shouldn’t touch anything else. At least if you plan to do sports. For comparison, hashish has a THC content of 8 to 16%.


The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) lifted the ban against CBD in 2017. WADA is a non-governmental organization that is committed to educating and protecting athletes from harmful, performance-enhancing drugs.


How you use CBD depends on several factors. You can massage it in as CBD oil, take it in or let CBD soak comfortably in your bathtub. A recommendation will accompany each dosage form. If you notice that something is happening, you can continue to use it.


If your feet are heavy and tired from your last training session, it makes sense to massage the CBD into the painful area. If you want to avoid sore muscles the next day, it sounds sensible to use before or shortly after exercising.

Think about whether you want to prevent or alleviate existing pain. As you can see, the answer is obvious, as is so often the case.


Right! Even if the list of side effects is far from the scope of a lexicon, “a lot helps a lot” is not good advice. If you have an injury to the little finger, a low dosage also helps. A sore thigh can handle a larger portion. If you stick to the prescribed dosage recommendation, side effects should rarely occur. If so, then see above!

Strongside effects are not described in the literature. Perhaps concentration can temporarily decrease. Dizziness sometimes occurs, sometimes together with low blood pressure. If you are pregnant, you should ask your doctor before giving it. The same applies if your coagulation is disturbed or you are already taking medication.


Finally, as an athlete, you can breathe deeply and buy and use CBD oil. With the CBD release by WADA, you no longer have to worry about doping controls and the like. The positive effect in the treatment of pain, inflammation, and our immune system is now also available to competitive athletes. We think that’s good.

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