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Busting CBD Myths

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With the growing popularity of CBD, we hear several concerns about this issue. Although the regulations regarding this substance could change in the future, products with CBD increasingly have more followers. There’s some controversy around these products as information isn’t available for a large part of the US population. That’s why we’re committed to share the latest CBD research with you.

In this article we’ll talk about the four biggest myths about CBD oil that you’ve probably heard. Continue reading and let’s uncover some interesting cannabidiol facts.

MYTH # 1: CBD oil makes you high

Since CBD comes from the cannabis plant, many people mistakenly assume that it’s a psychoactive substance that intoxicates the person who consumes it. It’s nothing but a myth – using recreational cannabis can make you high, but but CBD Oil doesn’t do that. That feeling of high is due to the effects of another substance, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which causes intoxicating and psychoactive effects on the user.

CBD Oil does not have this property. Several studies on the subject are clear about it, such as the research carried out by Wertlake and Henson under the title “A urinary analytical procedure for the identification of cannabidiol in patients undergoing medical cannabis therapy.” This study focused on investigating whether CBD was suitable for medical uses in the US. The researchers looked at their possible psychoactive effects. It turned out that CBD doesn’t have any such effects. Today, even WHO made it official that it’s a substance with no potential for abuse.

So, don’t let anyone tell you that CBD and cannabis are the same – CBD is totally safe for consumption and has no psychoactive property. This is perhaps one of the myths about CBD oil that worries people the most when they hear about it for the first time.

MYTH # 2: Scientists don’t know how CBD works

It is true that we don’t know everything about CBD or any other cannabinoid. Many countries require you to have a license for growing, but it’s not the hardest thing to get it. Luckily, some researchers are dedicated to this issue and are sure to discover a lot more detail about CBD in the future.

There is still much to know about the endocannabinoid system, but we know enough to explain how CBD works and what effects it has on the body. For now, we know two main receptors, CB1 and CB2. These receptors are responsible for the action of CBD on our bodies.

The endocannabinoid system plays a great role in ensuring homeostasis, i.e. the perfect balance for survival conditions in our body. If something becomes unbalanced, the body creates endocannabinoids to send signals that solve the problem. Ingesting CBD means providing extra cannabinoids to the system, which can bind to CB2 receptors and help us maintain normal body function.

In short, scientists know a great deal about how CBD works in our body. However, there’s still room for more research to find out several other potential benefits of CBD.

MYTH # 3: CBD is good, THC is bad

Cannabis has been stigmatized for decades by the media. That stigma is partly due to the psychoactive effects of consuming this plant. What exactly causes that effect? We know that it’s THC. Today, CBD is increasingly accepted and THC still gets strong criticism. Many people often present the two substances as antagonists, saying that CBD is good and THC is bad.

But is that true? The simple answer would be “no”. In some US states cannabis is legalized for therapeutic purposes. Normally, patients try to look for cannabis varieties with a high CBD content because this substance interacts with the body in positive ways. However, for some patients we opt for varieties with a higher THC content because it is not a “bad” substance. If you have a medical condition where you really need it, THC may have potential health benefits.

Medical Use

Sativex was the first cannabis-based drug that was legalized in many countries in Europe. However, it is only prescribed in specific circumstances. It is a drug with a high CBD content, but with the same amount of THC. Sativex is used for severe forms of epilepsy – why would doctors prescribe it if THC was so terrible?

The entourage effect

What are some myths about CBD Oil?The entourage effect is an important concept if you want to know more about cannabinoids. According to various studies, cannabinoids cause the best effect when taken together, and we call this synergistic effect the entourage effect.

For example, a study conducted by Ethan Russo investigated the synergistic effects of cannabinoids when used together. Russo concluded that this synergy really exists, and THC, among other cannabinoids, could be beneficial when used together with CBD. Also, if you are fine with THC’s psychoactive effect – there are studies that highlight how CBD can effectively help reduce the psychoactive effect of THC when they’re used together.

That’s why Sativex works, because cannabinoids act in unison due to the entourage effect. Moreover, the high CBD content can reduce the intoxicating effect of THC present in the medication. Basically, we can say that THC is not a bad substance if we know how to use it.

MYTH # 4: CBD comes only from cannabis

Here’s another great myth about CBD oil. As we have said, CBD and cannabis are not the same – we have to use these two terms carefully and differently. Cannabis includes thousands of other substances other than CBD, and it’s not the only source to get it.

To understand it, it is necessary to know that cannabis is only one of the plants of the Cannabis Sativa species. Another member of this family is hemp.

Hemp has been cultivated for decades. It is a very useful plant not only because hemp seeds are a very nutritious food, but also because they can grow in unfavorable environments and have the ability to absorb toxins from the soil. That’s why authorities proposed to plant seeds of this species after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. They intended to clean the ground with it. There are several other applications of hemp, even in the industry.

The Main Difference between Cannabis and Hemp

The main difference between cannabis and hemp is that the THC level in hemp is less than 0.3%. That means that even if you consumed an entire plant you won’t experience psychoactive effects. That’s why the legal status of hemp is different from cannabis. Despite these low levels of THC, it contains high levels of CBD. Because of this advantage, CBD manufacturers can grow hemp to extract the substance from this plant.

Therefore, CBD doesn’t just come from cannabis. If you buy high quality CBD oil legally and from a reliable seller like My Insomnia Fix, you can be sure that it’s completely legal and safe to use.

CBD Myths Take Away

The hemp and CBD industries are new and currently booming in the United States. With this article we hope to bust some important myths about CBD oil with facts and science. As a rule, always go for reliable sources when you’re looking for impartial views on CBD.

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