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Why Doctors are Recommending CBD

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Why Doctors are recommending CBD

CBD has created great hype all across the United States; so why not listen to the actual doctors and medical experts on the potential of CBD Oil? In the words of William Cole, DC, “I have been using the CBD for different patients at my medical center for a while, and I really like its clinical effects! I use it for auto-immunity”.

William Cole, DC emphasized, “I have been using CBD for different patients at my medical center for a while, and I really like its clinical effects! I use it for autoimmunity, pain and anxiety, and the treatment of patients with inflammation. I am myself a regular consumer of CBD; I take it every day.”

Carrie Diulus, MD also speaks in favor of CBD for several health conditions. “In fact, CBD has a role in a variety of conditions. It can alleviate anxiety, reduce inflammation, and help sleep. It also has some positive effects on pain. I have used it locally to alleviate arthritis and pain. It has no THC or psycho-activity, and is currently legal. The tricky part is that we haven’t fully defined the reliable study of doses, interactions and contraindications.”, Carrie Diulus.

Aparna Iyer, MD also attested CBD oil as an effective agent, saying “Recently, many patients have asked me about CBD oil, which seems to reflect the growing interest in CBD oil as an agent for different diseases. Many of my patients told me that they used the CBD to relieve pain, anxiety, depression, mental illness, etc.”

In the United States, there are many doctors who follow and recommend patients to use CBD products, and even doctors themselves use CBD products for their own health care initiative. As Aparna Iyer said, the United States is interested in “using CBD as a treatment”. Many families have begun to use it as one of the commonly used products in the family.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why the CBD is popular in the United States.


CBD has a restorative effect for different medical conditions. The healing effect of hemp dates back to 2737 BC, when ancient doctors in Asia, Africa and the Middle East used it to solve various health problems.

In the 18th century, hemp was widely used in the medical system of the United States and proved to be very effective. From 1850 to the 1940’s, hemp was listed in the American Journal of Medicine. Today, hemp is once again considered by countless doctors and researchers to be one of the most powerful and healthy plants ever seen in modern medicine.

As one of the main natural extracts of hemp, CBD has been proven to balance body functions and help restore health. American doctors mainly recommend it for:

Reducing Pain and Inflammation

“When it comes to natural pain, nothing is better than the CBD.”. There are 100 million patients with chronic pain in the United States who need a drug that is soothing, natural, effective and safe as a baby aspirin. There are no terrible side effect for CBD and it’s a completely natural and safe analgesic.

CBD is effective in relieving knee pain, shoulder pain, joint pain, arthritis pain, muscle soreness, headache, and migraine.

For Controlling Seizures

In June 2018, the US Food and Drug Administration approved the marketing of natural hemp-derived CBD drugs for the treatment of severe epilepsy in children. CBD has extensive clinical cases which indirectly spurred the global CBD market and the legalization of hemp.

Relieves Anxiety and Insomnia

When it comes to anxiety, studies have found that CBD can significantly reduce stress, anxiety, cognitive impairment, discomfort and personal subjective anxiety in patients with social phobia.

In terms of insomnia, in a study in Brazil, 15 insomnia patients took 40 mg to 160 mg of CBD, placebo or nitrazepam. The results showed that the highest dose of CBD increased sleep. Further research indicates that CBD is an effective method to regulate REM sleep changes.

A study by the National Institutes of Health showed that patients with higher doses of CBD had significantly increased sleep times, effectively relieved nightmares, and showed no side effects. Both of these effects are based on the protection of the nervous system by the CBD.


It turns out that CBD also has antioxidant properties. By combating the destruction of free radicals, CBD can delay aging, which is one of the reasons why CBD has become trendy in maintaining youth and beauty.


Industrial hemp-based CBD is legal in all 50 states. On February 7th, 2014, President Obama signed the 2014 Farm Bill, which included a special amendment to legalize industrial hemp cultivation in the form of pilot projects in the states.

With the signing of the Farm Act of 2018, industrial hemp and industrial hemp-derived CBDs are legal at the US federal level, and anyone can experience the natural healing power provided by the CBD.


Tens of thousands of people use CBD to reduce anxiety, relieve chronic pain and inflammation, sleep better, and get more benefits! However, the same number of people are wondering if CBD is really safe, and whether it is also useful to them.

First of all, the CBD oil products carried by MyInsomniaFix that we mentioned in this article are derived from industrial hemp without psychoactive ingredients. According to American standards, industrial hemp is hemp with a THC content of less than 0.3%. THC is a stimulating ingredient that can make people high. Therefore, Americans can safely use CBD products without worrying about the psychoactive effects.

Secondly, CBD is a natural way to help several medical conditions combined with the human endocannabinoid system. In 1992, Rafael, a professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel, discovered anandamide, a neurotransmitter that naturally exists in the brain. This is important because after further research, it was determined that this neurotransmitter is actually a cannabinoid – the same compound found in hemp.

Eventually we found a variety of cannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors in the human body, collectively called the endocannabinoid system. Today, thousands of studies confirm that it has the secret of natural healing.

Cannabinoids and their receptors are widely found in our brains, organs, glands and throughout the body. This system plays an important role in various life processes, such as regulating sleep, memory, emotions and even pain. CBD is naturally connected to our body through this system, which is impossible for other compounds. The cherry on top is that it is safe and has no side effects.

Take Away

On the basis of efficacy, legality, and security of CBD, American doctors are recommending it in all the states. Even stars and celebrities recommend it, and families are using it widely to improve their health and well being.

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