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CBD boosts effectiveness of antibiotics


An international team of researchers has found out through studies that CBD oils increase the effectiveness of antibiotics on certain types of bacteria and that they can also positively affect the development of resistance.

Antibiotics are essential for the treatment of bacterial infectious diseases. Bacteria have become indispensable as they increasingly develop resistance and improve existing antibiotics. An international team of researchers has now achieved the latter in cooperation between the Department of Biomedical Sciences and the Research Center of Optimal Health, both institutions of the University of Westminster. The researchers found that adding cannabidiol to antibiotics works better for certain types of bacteria and that the bacteria also develop less resistance.

In cannabidiol (short: CBD) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid from the female hemp. CBD has already proven in numerous studies that it positively affects health and physical and mental well-being. As research is continuously finding CBD’s new favorable properties, CBD oils from manufacturers have also become more popular lately. Other studies also show that people in enlightened industrialized countries have increasingly preferred natural health products again for some years, which is also in line with the increased demand for CBD products.

CBD and antibiotics work together

The researchers Dr. Sigrun Lange and Prof. Jimmy Bell carried out the first CBD study of its kind. Together with their colleagues and researchers from other universities, they have examined CBD’s effects on the release of membrane vesicles. These are components that influence the interaction and communication between bacteria and the effectiveness of antibiotics. Experiments with antibiotics and CBD in combination have shown that the membrane vesicles’ number and structure changed.

Antibiotic and CBD act differently on bacteria

The researchers tested the CBD combination in their study on different types of bacteria and found that cannabidiol reduced the release of membrane vesicles, particularly strongly in thin-walled bacteria. The antibiotic, in combination with CBD, was able to kill more bacteria than without cannabidiol.

From their experiments, the researchers concluded that combined treatment with antibiotics and CBD increases the effectiveness of the drug and the chance that resistance will develop less quickly.

Cannabidiol with antibacterial properties

It is already known from older cannabidiol studies that CBD has antibacterial properties. To what extent this exceptional property influences the generation and nature of the membrane vesicles or whether this property is irrelevant or plays a subordinate role in the combination treatment is still unclear to the researchers.

The new knowledge is of great importance for medicine since antibiotics’ frequent use causes bacteria to develop more resistance, and treatment is becoming more difficult. Combination treatment means that less of the drug is required, which not only protects the patient and reduces the likelihood of resistance, but is also better for the environment.

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