This claim is confirmed by a complete report by the English company GW Pharmaceuticals after checking the preliminary data of its therapy for brain cancer with CBD.

According to a British study, the two primary molecules in cannabis plants (CBD and THC) would slow down the growth of cancerous tumors of the brain. This CBD based therapy would be beneficial for people with cerebral cancer tumors.

This scientific discovery originated in the Great Britain. Scientists from St George’s University in London studied the effects of different treatments on this type of tumors.

The group attempted to treat brain tumors in mice in several ways:

  • Without treatment, using radiotherapy
  • Using CBD and other cannabinoids
  • Combining these two treatments

The results of their research showed that cannabis combined with radiotherapy was the most effective therapy for slowing down brain cancers.

Two molecules that make up the cannabis plant – tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) – have indeed contributed to slowing the growth of tumors in the brain when used as a drug. CBD Oil is one of the best ways to consume these cannabinoids; full spectrum CBD oil would be a perfect supplement for such a condition.

“In some cases, the tumor has even disappeared from the animal,” says Dr. Wai Liu, Senior Research Fellow.

For researchers, this discovery is a new hope for future patients with brain cancer and brain tumor. GW Pharmaceuticals took it one step further and conducted clinical trials on human beings. Several studies are emerging with strong clinical data that certifies CBD as medicine. A multinational pharmaceutical GW Pharmaceuticals published their data from one of their groundbreaking studies in a press release. They reported the positive results they are getting in the second phase of one of the CBD related therapy (based on various cannabinoids) to treat a form of aggressive brain cancer called glioma.

To conduct the study, 21 patients with this type of cancer (Recurrent Glioblastoma Multiforme) were examined under different therapies. Patients who received CBD and THC as a therapy lived longer than those who had received conventional placebo therapies.

Generally, the average life of patients suffering from this cancer is less than 1 year. The patients who participated in the study and received the new CBD based drug survived for 550 days on average – that is 83% increase in average lifespan.

The only counterpoint they have found is the issue of tolerance of treatment. According to the researchers, the new drug is well tolerated. For some patients, it may only cause mild side effects.

With new hope from this study, GW Pharmaceuticals is already accelerating these investigations. The CEO of GW Pharma stressed further on this CBD based therapy in the following words:

“These data are the engine for the acceleration of oncological investigations in GW. In the coming months, we hope to consult with regulatory agencies to create a fundamental clinical development program for THC and CBD and expand our studies to other types of cancer”.

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